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I love the name Garnet for a girl. I have a character by the name of Garnet, and I think it is lovely. Her full name is Garnet August Black. Very pretty. Garnet is my birthstone, and it would make a perfect name for someone with red hair.
author  8/15/2005
Princess Garnet is one of the main characters in Final Fantasy IX.
CodPor  4/1/2006
In Double Act by Jacqueline Wilson, Ruby and Garnet are the names of the twins.
FairyGirl  6/20/2006
The name has a rather harsh sound to it.
slight night shiver  5/25/2008
Ooh, pretty name! I love the colour and the way the gem seems to stand out as a glittery January birthstone. I love this name!
missBridget  7/13/2008
This is my personal favorite name. It's absolutely beautiful. I consider it a girl's name. It does not sound harsh to me, rather it's strong and powerful.
Lady_Pup_30  4/27/2010
Sounds a hair-bit harsh!
SEC908  12/21/2012
Yuck. It sounds kind of like granite... It also sounds really modern, so I'm surprised to see that it's not. At least it has the classic/old fashioned aspect going for it. But I do not like the sound of this name.
― Anonymous User  3/17/2013
I like it, despite the fact that "Garnet" actually means "the yarn" in Swedish!
Caprice  4/18/2013
Actually "the yarn" in Swedish is pronounced "Ett garn", not "Garnet". So there's no need to worry.

I like this name, and I'm definetely going to use it for a character in my stories. :) It's as vibrant red and sassy as "Ruby", but "Garnet" is a lot less common and a lot more old-fashioned, pretty good for a British girl in my opinion. There's a character named Garnet Barker in "Double Act", a novel by the English writer Jacqueline Wilson.

I do not think this name sounds harsh. I think it's a very strong name for a girl and may suit both a child and a grownup. Garnets are also the birthstone of January, so it's a great name for a girl born in the month.
Kuo-Yi  8/14/2014
Swedish is my mother tongue, so I should know. "Ett garn" means "a yarn" and "Garnet" means "the yarn".
Caprice  12/23/2015
I don't think Garnet is cute at all but a lot of people do like it! I think it's a nice sounding word but as a name... it sounds frumpy.
silly_rabbit  7/12/2015
Pretty stone, ugly name. It just doesn't sound good.
― Anonymous User  12/7/2015
Garnet is a main character in the TV show "Steven Universe".
Melly_clemmy  5/15/2016
Garnet is the birthstone of January (my birthstone).
― Anonymous User  5/26/2016

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