Namesakes for Gérald

American Presidents: 1 president
      Gerald Ford   1974-1977  
Fictional Characters from Books: 1 character
      Gerald O'Hara   1936   Gone With the Wind  
Nobel Prize Winners: 1 medicine
      (medicine) Gerald Edelman   1972  
Notable Actors and Actresses: 1 actor
      Gerald McRaney   1947-  
Notable Athletes: 4 soccer
      (soccer) Amby Fogarty (a.k.a. Gerald)   1933-2016  
      (soccer) Gerald Vanenburg   1964-  
      (soccer) Archie Thompson (a.k.a. Gerald)   1978-  
      (soccer) Gareth McAuley (a.k.a. Gerald)   1979-  
Olympic Medalists: 2 gold
      (gold) Gerry Ashworth (a.k.a. Gerald)   1964   4x100 m relay  
      (gold) Gerald Tinker   1972   4x100 m relay  
Other Leaders: 1 prime minister
      Prime Minister Gerald Strickland, 1st Baron Strickland   1927-1932   Malta  
Saints: 4 saints
      Saint Gerald of Aurillac   855-909  
      Saint Gerald   1070-1123  
      Saint Gerald of Sauve-Majeure   ?-1095  
      Saint Gerald   ?-1109