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Actually Mongolians pronounce it "Chingis Khaan". Khaan means 'king' in Mongolian. Chingis means 'ocean' in Chinese, I think. Chinese people gave this name to Temujin when he became the king of Mongols. Temujin is the original name of Chingis Khaan. Many Mongolians and Turkish people have both these names: Chingis and Temujin.
― Anonymous User  7/19/2005
Olaf [in Lemony Snicket's books] used this in Strict School, please.
IAmGuntherPlease  11/22/2005
The connotations with Genghis Khan are a little too strong. I don't like the sound of this name, anyway.
Athena Nike  3/9/2010
Name of the Day: March 9, 2011.
AndrewJKD  3/13/2011
A footnote on page 10 of the book "Genghis Khan: The History of the World Conqueror" (written by Ala al-Din and Ata-Malik Juvayni) has something more to say about the etymology of Genghis. It acknowledges that 'Genghis Khan' means "universal ruler", but it also says the following: according to Ramstedt and Pelliot, 'chingiz' is a palatalized form of Turkic 'tengiz' ('tängiz') meaning "sea". Here is the link to the relevant page:

Modern Turkic languages have similar words that mean "sea", such as Turkish 'deniz' and Uzbek 'dengiz'. They all ultimately derive from Proto-Turkic *teŋiŕ.

Not all scholars are convinced about this etymological relation of Genghis-Tengiz, but it might be worth mentioning in the Genghis entry as 'possibly derived from'.
Lucille  4/28/2013

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