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I prefer this to Genevieve, which is not as uncommon as some may think.
vomiting  5/17/2010
This is also the German form of the name.
Frollein Gladys  10/3/2012
The Celtic form Genovefa, which seems to be cognate with the Irish name Findabair, can be translated as "The White Enchantress" or "The White Fay/Ghost", from Proto-Celtic *Windo- "white, fair, holy" + *seibara "magical being" (cognate with Old Irish síabair "a spectre, phantom, supernatural being [usually in pejorative sense]").

Despite the name's similarity to the Old English words jenefer, genefer and jinifer.

Czech version is Jenovefa.
Samantha Carter  8/25/2015

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