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Georgette is the name of the snobby poodle on the Disney movie called Oliver and Company.
― Anonymous User  8/22/2005
Name of a hypocondriac character in the movie "Amélie."
LouisLovePower  12/15/2006
Georgette Heyer (1902-74), prolific British novelist.
Jonquil  6/13/2009
The real name of famous British actress Googie Withers was Georgette Lizette Withers. She was born in British India and her mother Lizette was Dutch. The name Googie was given to her by her Bengali nurse and it stuck, Googie preferring it to Georgette and insisting on using it as her stage name despite initial disapproval from directors, who thought it sounded silly.
I love Georgette and Lizette (prefer Lisette) but not in a combo with each other.
Just Jonquil  5/31/2015
Georgette de la Plante (flourished circa 1900) was a French dressmaker who gave her name to the lovely crêpe Georgette fabric.
Just Jonquil  5/31/2015

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