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Also a Bulgarian name. Gerasim's name day in Bulgaria is March 3. Nicknames include Gero and Gerko.
Sue D.  6/8/2018
You know what? Name your kid this if you want. Haters gonna hate, but don't give them the satisfaction of stomping your name-related dreams to the ground. Gerasimos may be a mouthful, but personally, I think it's neat. It has a kind of "wise old bearded guy OF POWER" feel to it, as if the presence of a Gerasimos should be accompanied by all manner of ominous chanting. This may hamper your future child's use of the library, however.
Wilted  6/6/2010
My name is GERASIMOS (ΓΕΡΑΣΙΜΟΣ), I am a Greek national and of Greek ethnicity. Please consider the following information, provided by me in an effort to contribute to your site.

This name comprises of the Greek word ΓΕΡΑΣ (meaning material prize) and the suffix IMOS (ΙΜΟΣ), denoting deserved of, or possible to. The Greek word for "old" or "old age" is ΓΗΡΑΣ, not ΓΕΡΑΣ.

For example, quoting Socrates, ΓΗΡΑΣΚΩ ΑΕΙ ΔΙΔΑΣΚΟΜΕÎ?ΟΣ
meaning "I (proceed to old) age being always (continuously) tought (acquiring knowledge).

Hence, in my view, the name GERASIMOS refers to a person who is worthy of a (material) prize, or a person to him a material prize can be awarded. Thank you for accommodating my viewpoint.
GERASIMOS  3/16/2007
In Greek it is pronounced Yerassimos (e for Echo).
GERASIMOS  3/16/2007

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