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This name is pronounced ghair-shohm in Hebrew.
Miss Claire  12/5/2004
Gershom doesn't mean "exile" - though it's understandable that some think so. Rather, it is Hebrew for "A stranger (ger) there (sham)." [noted -ed]
gershom  11/16/2005
The spelling you have would be the New Testiment of the King James version of the bible. In the original (Old Testiment) bible, the correct spelling is Gerson.

In Exodus Chapter 2 ver. 22. The verse goes: and she bore him a son and named him Gerson saying "I am a stranger in a strange land".

This does not mean exile. It simply means they are strangers in a foreign land. The meaning means a stranger.
gmv79  7/25/2006

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