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In most of France, we pronounce it zhees-LEN, with a soft S, like "toss". I've never heard it pronounced zheez-LEN, with a hard S. In Belgium it's pronounced ghee-LEN.
Theodore-Lenin  2/6/2016
My child self saw this name in a book as the name of a dragon and decided it was obviously pronounced Ghiss-layn-ney, which is totally and utterly wrong, but I really like the sound of it.
― Anonymous User  1/17/2016
It's definitely pronounced Ghee-Lehn in France. Gh is a hard G sound, and the S is silent. [noted -ed]
Nom de Plume  9/20/2011
Pronounced zheez-LAIN.
Christina Rose  4/6/2011
Seconding Hannah Ruth. This is a family name on the French side of my family and they all pronounce it gee-LEN.
Pie  6/16/2010
Ghislaine is pronounced "gee-LEN".
Hannah Ruth  3/22/2010
Pronounced ZHIS-len.
cole64989  9/21/2009

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