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Pronounced as JAHN-nah.
Ylva  1/9/2006
I have also seen it pronounced JOHN-a.
― Anonymous User  6/5/2006
My second cousin is named this, she pronounces it Gee-AWHN-uh, I like that better than john-uh.
tigerlilly  1/28/2007
I have seen it pronounced: (jee-ON-uh), (jee-AWN-ah), (JOHN-uh), (jee-AN-uh), (GEE-on-uh) and (jee-an-ah). I like (jee-ON-uh) most.
libbygirl  3/29/2007
I have a friend name Geanna who pronounces it GEE-ANNA.
joli_dans_titre1  1/16/2008
It's pronounced JAHN-ah. Making it three syllables makes it sound stupid.
― Anonymous User  5/21/2008
The correct Italian pronunciation is JAHN-NA.
Gianna79  6/8/2008
Oh boy. This is a real name. You can't just make up however you want to say it! The closest you can come to spelling out the correct way of pronouncing it is JAHN-AH. No GEE-AWN-AH or anything else. If you're going to make up a pronunciation, make up a different spelling.
Hann330  2/3/2009
I know two Giannas and they both pronounce it jee-AH-nuh. I've never met a Gianna who didn't.
Icycoldhot  8/25/2013
Alright, I feel the need to clear up this JOHN/JAHN-na vs jee-AHN-na thing. You're both right. In a way. When speaking Italian, you say every single vowel; however, you also speak VERY quickly. So it does make sense that people would say JOHN-na, and the even closer JAHN-na (with that I influencing). However, technically, it IS jee-AHN-na BUT, the Italians speak so fast that they mush it together. (Making it basically a jeeahn-na.) Of course, it's not pronounced like the American, jee-AHN-na, which butchers the middle syllables pronunciation, and also tends to emphasize the first syllable.
I have this unique position of hearing both Italian spoken slowly (from my Italian teacher who is Italian and so would know all the pronunciations) and quickly (by immersing myself in audio and video from Italy and having been there.) And so I feel like I have a clear idea of what is going on here. I don't know what would be the best way to put the pronunciation. But I think shortening it to just JAHN-na takes away the beauty of this name somewhat.
EkiAku  9/16/2013
I am full-out Italiano, and my sister's name is Gianna, it is in fact, pronounced, JOHN-AWH, only Italian people would know that. Just sayin' some of you are saying it WRONG! Sbagliato! Italian for wrong.

Sono pieno - out Italiano, e il nome di mia sorella è Gianna, è infatti, pronunciato, JOHN - AWH, solo popolo italiano avrebbe saputo che. Solo dicendo ' alcuni di voi stanno dicendo male! Sbagliato! Italiano per sbagliato.
Italian version of that sentence.
nevaehgiannapiper  3/17/2016
There's lots of different pronunciations of the name 'Gianna', but I know a Gianna and she pronounces it 'JAH-NA'. People usually call her, mistakenly, 'JEE-AH-NA', but she politely corrects them every time. It seems to me that she dislikes the pronunciation 'JEE-AH-NA'. I don't mind the name, but then I'm used to unusual names (Since my group of friends are called Rhiannon, Gianna, Halley, and Kirsty (me)).
Kp_quarternote  1/23/2017

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