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Just on a sidenote, be aware that this name is not pronounced like the English "Gina" (Jee-nah); the Japanese version has a hard "g" and is pronounced "Gee-naa" ("gee" rhymes with the word key and the "a" in "na" sounds like "au" as in the name Aubrey). Make sure that the "Gi" sound is seperated from the "na" and that both sounds have the same amount of stress placed on them. It should sound like "Gee-naa", not "Geen-aa".
-- Holly_400  7/24/2005
This name is shown as a Japanese name, however I have never heard or met anyone who are called 'Gina'.
-- pocho-mole  11/12/2005
In Sweden Gina is used as short for Regina.
-- Anonymous User  1/4/2006
Gina is also the Jewish word for garden.
-- Eliana  1/6/2006
A famous bearer of this name is Italian actress Gina Lollobrigida.
-- alberto  1/7/2006
"Gina" is also a Greek name (derived from St. George) that is fairly common. People of Greek descent are usually named after the grandparents on the father's side and this is traditionally carried on for hundreds of years.
-- Anonymous User  7/18/2006
I've always been told by my long descended Italian family that Gina means 'Queenly'. I've also always had a card from J-Mar company that has queenly as the interpretation of the name.
-- ginarose  7/25/2006
The name is actually pronounced "Gin," Gina is incorrect. Gin was the sister of Kin, together found in the Guiness Book of World Records as the oldest pair of recorded twins. "Kin" means gold.
-- Dray  8/22/2006
American actress Gina Gershon bears the name.
-- audreyhubley  8/28/2006
This name is not exactly pretty, but it is not bad, either. It is the name of one of my cousins.
-- libbygirl  9/3/2006
"Gin" is Japanese for "silver". The character is '銀' in kanji (ideographic Chinese-borrowed characters). "Gin" is technically two syllables with two kana (phonetic Japanese characters): "gi" (ぎ) and "n" (ん). The name "Gina", if "gin" is being written with the character for silver, would be pronounced gi-n-a (ghee-n-ah) and would be romanized more correctly as "Gin'a". For the record, I don't think I've ever heard it used as a Japanese name. (I'm sorry if the Japanese characters don't come out properly - I'm not sure if they'll work.)
-- splintercat  10/13/2006
I really hate this name. The sound of it is like nails on a chalkboard. A little harsh, but that's what it makes me think of.
-- Anonymous User  12/11/2006
I've seen someone named this who spells it Jina. I have to say I don't like it either way (Gina or Jina ... or Jeanna).
-- Anonymous User  6/27/2007
This is my cousin's name, but it's not a nickname, though I understand it could be. I think this is a great name as a nickname or by itself. And btw, she pronounces it Jee-na. I like that pronunciation and this spelling best. :-)
-- Brianna Angela  7/13/2007
Better hope no one will mispronounce it JIE-nah.
-- jasmineenimsaj  2/12/2008
I actually like this name because of it's harshness.
-- tu_es_faux  3/8/2008
I like this name because it isn't very common. I don't think it sounds harsh at all. I like Jeana too, but I like the spelling with a G because it's different.
-- alyce  7/14/2008
Gina Bachauer was a famous Greek pianist (of German and Italian parentage).
-- Kosta  1/14/2009
Yeah, a feminine name. Way too feminine if it reminds you of a female private part, Va-Gina!
-- Anonymous User  2/27/2009
My name is Gina and I didn't care for it as a child, due to the fact that the majority of people got it wrong by calling me Tina, Nina, Xena, Jenna, or even Christina. I have, however, grown into the name and love that it's unique, but not a name that someone's never heard of before.

Believe it or not, my father had my name picked out for me when he was 13- or 14-years-old. Partially after the Italian actress Gina Lollobrigida (I'm half-Italian) and partially hoping that it would help people pronounce my last name correctly, as it also has a 'J' sound although everyone says it with a soft 'G' sound. The result was that my first name is pronounced correctly and the last name is, alas, still not.

My pet names are: Gigi, and Gina-Bina when I was a child.
-- ginamarie  4/27/2009
Gina is such a cute name. I love it as a nickname for Georgina.
-- italiannames  11/11/2009
The name Gina has that flowing Italian sound, and is nice as a proper name as well as a nickname. Same with Tina.
-- Anonymous User  3/7/2010
Gina was the fashionable and sassy young woman in the 1990s British TV series "Heartbeat" set in Yorkshire in the 1960s.

I don't like it as a name on its own because it doesn't really mean anything and is just an ending, but it makes a great nickname for Georgina, which is such a sweet and spunky name.
I'm torn between Georgina ("Gina") and Georgiana ("Giana")!
-- Just Jonquil  7/4/2011
I think it is a pretty name, I have learned to like and appreciate it more. My cousin's full name is Georgina and everyone calls her Gina, she is 10. I think it fits her very well, she has a bright, silly, spunky, and caring personality :D.
-- cccake15  4/14/2013
The name Gina was given to 171 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
-- Oohvintage  7/17/2013
Gina Malo (1909–1963) was an American film actress.
-- Anonymous User  10/25/2014
I really like this name, perhaps because my first language isn't English so I don't have the negative connotations of using it (vagina, jeans etc...) Gina, to me, is an exotic but short name which still preserves its femininity by having the "a" as the last letter.
-- angolmois  11/2/2014
Gina is my mum's name. I think it is a beautiful, but strong name.
-- FreyaFun  5/23/2016
The name Gina was given to 101 girls born in the US in 2015.
-- HerculePoirot  6/16/2016
I actually like this name a lot.
-- DundiculutNicholas  1/4/2017
My name is Gina (short for Regina) and the only person I ever heard named Gina is Gina Lollobrigida. I think my name suits me well.
-- GinaTay  2/6/2017
Gina Lynn is a Puerto Rican former pornographic actress, model, and stripper. She was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame in 2010 and is the Penthouse magazine Penthouse Pet for April 2012.
-- cutenose  2/10/2017
Gina Marie Tolleson is an American model and beauty queen who was crowned Miss World America 1990 and also Miss World 1990. Gina won the title of Miss South Carolina USA 1990 and was the first runner-up at Miss USA 1990. She went on to win the Miss World beauty pageant in 1990, representing the United States. Gina was coached by C.B. Mathis of CB's Limited in Lancaster, SC. During her reign, she traveled to the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Dominican Republic, South Africa, Poland, Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala and throughout the United States.
-- cutenose  2/25/2017

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