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In J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, the youngest Weasley is Ginevra and nicknamed Ginny.
― Anonymous User  5/25/2005
There is also a myth about a girl named Ginevra. On the day of her wedding, she hid in the hollow of a tree and was trapped inside. It wasn't until later that they found her skeleton hidden inside of the tree. On the Lexicon, it has been hypothesized that this may have been why Ginny was named as she was (after all, her body was supposed to lie in the Chamber of Secrets forever). Rowling denies this; she says she just wanted Ginny to have a very interesting and different name.
echo_of_the_past  7/25/2005
Are you sure that it isn't Meinir you are thinking about? She is the girl who hid in a tree on her wedding day, and her skeleton was found there. Go to my comment on Meinir to see the fable.
DontDissMadison  5/18/2007
Ginevra is really Gaelic in meaning. It means "White Wave". It does derive from the French name, Genevieve. Ginevra was probably formed when the Normans came over to England/Scotland from Normandy.
Caledonia  5/5/2006
"Ginevra" means the city and canton "Geneva" (Switzerland) in Italian. But it is a fact that "Geneva" is also the name of a city situated in Ontario County, New York, USA. [noted -ed]
iva_toneva  5/22/2006
This name was famously borne by Ginevra de' Benci, a Florentine noblewoman immortalised by Leonardo da Vinci in a portrait now in the National Gallery of Art in Washington.
H Gravy  5/31/2006
A character in Charlotte Bronte's novel 'Villette' is called Ginevra.
Surreal  12/9/2006
I think the name Ginerva is awful, but I love the nickname Ginny.
Emma McHnery  1/24/2007
I love the name Ginevra and hate the nickname Ginny.
Emmasj  3/23/2007
Indeed, I think it is a beautiful name. It is another Romance Language name that is wonderful for girls. Emmasj and some others, I agree that I love Ginevra and don't like Ginny.
Kidwins9  10/4/2015
I think it's pronounced JIN-neh-vrah. I'm not sure though. It reminds me of the Harry Potter character, which is OK, I guess, as she's a cool character. (Actually I think there's more to Ginny the character than meets the eye. And I have theories. But this IS NOT a Harry Potter site so I'll keep them to myself.)

Overall, I think it's a good name.
― Anonymous User  2/14/2007
No, I think it's gin-EV-ra, but I'm not sure. I like this name, but I don't like Ginny as a nickname that much.
― Anonymous User  4/8/2007
This name is beautiful, actually, but I'm afraid Harry Potter fans might get inspired to trivialize it.
slight night shiver  4/23/2008
I went to high school with a girl named Ginevra. She pronounced it "jih-NEV-ruh". I think it's quite pretty.
NiamhWitch  5/3/2008
I first came across the name Ginevra in the Harry Potter series. However, that is not the only reason I like it. It is a beautiful name, rare in the U.S., and is very elegant. In contrast, I love the nickname Ginny, which seems more youthful.
― Anonymous User  6/21/2008
Ginny is an annoying and unattractive nickname, but Ginevra is divine.
vomiting  3/12/2009
I think this is a unique name that is by no means tacky. Whenever I hear it, I automatically think of Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter, and Ginny is one of my favorite characters, so that's a good thing. I also happen to like Geneva.
magicalhannah7  7/6/2009
Ginevra is a character in one of the last stories of Giovanni Boccaccio's classical work of Medieval literature, The Decameron. She and her identical twin sister Isotta are about fifteen years old and the daughters of a poor knight who used to have a much higher station. The victorious old King Charles falls in love with them and schemes to marry both of them; then, after a sound talking-to by one of his aides, realizes he's acting like a horny little boy and not the wise old king he's supposed to be. After he comes to his senses, he arranges honorable marriages for both Ginevra and her sister.
Anyechka  8/11/2009
Such an elegant name! I heard it once on an 8 year old girl. I called her Gigi. So pretty.
Alora  1/2/2010
The name combination Ginevra Katheryn is simply beautiful.
pandasayscynical  5/2/2010
This names is odd, whimsical and theatrical all at once. I don't like the nickname Ginny, even though it reminds me of Ginny Weasley, but the name Ginevra is not without its charms. :)
walesgal92  5/15/2010
I love this name because I find it unique and classy.
― Anonymous User  8/7/2011
The pronunciation is jee-NE-vrrah. [noted -ed]
presentperfect  9/12/2011
I adore this name. It's really beautiful, and much, much better than Jennifer and Juniper and the likes. I don't particularly like the association with Ginny Weasley though; I found her to be a bit of a brat, sorry.
Black_X  10/9/2011
Ginevra de'Benci; the subject of the famous 1474 DaVinci painting of the same name. She was a young, aristocratic Florentine lady. Scholars believe the painting may have been commissioned upon her marriage to Luigi di Bernardo Niccolini.
novastar2  9/17/2012
I think Ginevra is a beautiful name. It really expresses Ginny, even if it doesn't fit her at times.
― Anonymous User  6/24/2014
Ginevra Sforza (1440 – 16 May 1507) was the wife and counselor of Giovanni II Bentivoglio, lord of Bologna.
Aledis  7/31/2017

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