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Namesakes for Giovanni
Notable Actors and Actresses: 1 actor
      Giovanni Ribisi   1974-  
Notable Artists: 2 painters
      Fra Angelico (a.k.a. Giovanni)   c. 1395-1455  
      Giovanni Bellini   c. 1430-1516  
Notable Athletes: 3 soccer
      (soccer) Giovanni Trapattoni   1939-  
      (soccer) Gianni Rivera (a.k.a. Giovanni)   1943-  
      (soccer) Giovanni van Bronckhorst   1975-  
Notable Explorers and Adventurers: 3 explorers
      Giovanni da Pian del Carpine   1182-1252  
      Giovanni Caboto   c. 1450-c. 1499  
      Giovanni da Verrazzano   1485-1528  
Notable Musicians: 3 composers
      Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina   c. 1525-1594    
      Jean-Baptiste Lully (a.k.a. Giovanni)   1632-1687    
      Giovanni Battista Pergolesi   1710-1736    
Notable Scientists and Inventors: 1 astronomer
      Giovanni Domenico Cassini   1625-1712  
Notable Writers: 1 author
      Giovanni Boccaccio   1313-1375  
Olympic Medalists: 1 gold
      (gold) Giovanni Cernogoraz   2012   shooting  
Saints: 23 blessed, 14 saints
      Saint John Gualbert (a.k.a. Giovanni)   995-1073  
      Saint John Theristus (a.k.a. Giovanni)   1049-1129  
      Saint John of Matera (a.k.a. Giovanni)   1070-1139  
      Saint John (a.k.a. Giovanni)   ?-1094  
      Saint John of Lodi (a.k.a. Giovanni)   ?-1106  
      Saint John of Matha (a.k.a. Giovanni)   1154-1213  
      Saint John of Meda (a.k.a. Giovanni)   ?-1159  
      Blessed John Buoni (a.k.a. Giovanni)   1168-1249  
      Blessed John Cacciafronte (a.k.a. Giovanni)   ?-1183  
      Blessed John of Salerno (a.k.a. Giovanni)   1190-1242  
      Blessed John of Parma (a.k.a. Giovanni)   1209-1289  
      Saint John of Perugia (a.k.a. Giovanni)   ?-1231  
      Blessed Giovanni Pelingotto   1240-1304  
      Blessed Giovanni della Verna   1259-1322  
      Blessed John of Vercelli (a.k.a. Giovanni)   ?-1283  
      Blessed Giovanni Colombini   1300-1367  
      Blessed Giovanni Rainuzzi   ?-1330  
      Blessed Giovanni of Rieti   ?-1350  
      Blessed Giovanni Dominici   1356-1419  
      Blessed Giovanni of Vallombrosa   ?-1380  
      Saint Giovanni of Capistrano   1386-1456  
      Blessed Giovanni Angelo Porro   1451-1506  
      Blessed Giovanni Battista Righi di Fabriano   1469-1539  
      Blessed Giovanni Marinoni   1490-1562  
      Blessed Giovanni Liccio   ?-1511  
      Saint Giovanni Leonardi   1541-1609  
      Blessed Giovenale Ancina (a.k.a. Giovanni)   1545-1604  
      Saint Giovanni Battista de Rossi   1698-1764  
      Blessed Giovanni Alcober   ?-1748  
      Saint Giovanni Lantrua of Triora   1760-1816  
      Blessed Giovanni Antonio Farina   1803-1888  
      Saint Giovanni Bosco   1815-1888  
      Saint Giovanni Baptist Mazzucconi   1825-1855  
      Blessed Giovanni Battista Scalabrini   1839-1905  
      Blessed Giovanni Piamarta   1841-1913  
      Blessed Giovanni Maria Boccardo   1848-1913  
      Blessed Giovanni Calabria   1873-1954  
Title Characters: 1 musical
      (musical) Giovanni   1962   Bravo Giovanni