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My daughter is named Giulianna. My maternal great grand parents came over from Calabria and my biological father was born in San Mauro (& Anzi), Sicily. She does't have the extra G like those northeners like to use and I put in a second n toward the end to make it more unique. She's named after my wife's (hungarian) grandmother Juilia and my grandmother Anna. But there was no way we were spelling it other than Southern Italian / Sicilian (says the elder folk). I'll try to say it like the homeland says it and how we pronounce it because their way is hard, lol

Motherland: Gee-oo-lee-ah-na (think Giovani)

My wife and i: Jewel-lee-ahn-na (think Julie Ahnna).
MorteCavali  4/21/2017
Pronounced joo-lee-AHN-nah.
Giumatos  9/7/2008
Giuliana is pronounced "Joo-lee-AH-nuh".
― Anonymous User  2/2/2006

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