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Gladys Brockwell was an American actress.
― Anonymous User  12/21/2005
Gladys Smith was Mary Pickford's real name.
Kosta  5/30/2006
Gladys Knight is a popular old school R&B singer.
akaZsa  3/17/2008
Gladys Aylward was a Christian Missionary in China.
TheMusicWriter  8/19/2009
This name will always remind me of Gladys the cow from "Sesame Street", performed by Richard Hunt. She was known for her theatrical voice and pride in her bovine heritage (she was "proud, proud, proud to be a cow...!")

I guess that I've associated this name with cows ever since.
gaelruadh19  10/24/2010
Famous soul singer, Gladys Knight.
Musicboy1017  9/19/2012

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