Names Related to Gladys

Names that are related to GLADYS:
CLAUD   m   English
CLAUDE   m & f   French, English
CLAUDETTE   f   French
CLÁUDIA   f   Portuguese
CLAUDIA   f   English, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Biblical, Ancient Roman
CLAUDIE   f   French
CLAUDINE   f   French
CLÁUDIO   m   Portuguese
CLAUDIO   m   Italian, Spanish
CLAUDIU   m   Romanian
CLAUDIUS   m   Ancient Roman
GLADYS   f   Welsh, English
GWLADUS   f   Welsh
GWLADYS   f   Welsh
KLAUDIA   f   Polish, Slovak
KLAUDIE   f   Czech
KLAUDIJA   f   Croatian
KLAUDIJS   m   Latvian
KLAUDIO   m   Croatian
KLAUDIUSZ   m   Polish
KLAVA   f   Russian
KLAVDIJA   f   Slovene
KLAVDIYA   f   Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian