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Gloria Steinem is a famous American feminist and the founder of Ms. Magazine.
Sarah Charlotte  4/30/2005
A famous bearer is Gloria Gaither.
― Anonymous User  8/23/2005
Two bearers of this name are singer Gloria Gaynor ('I will survive') and movie actress Gloria Swanson ('Sunset Boulevard').
alberto  9/29/2005
Let's not forget the wonderful singer Gloria Estefan.
Phoenix Flower  10/1/2005
Actually G. B. Shaw's play was not the first use of Gloria as a female given name; Mrs. E.D.E.N. Southworth, a hugely popular but now forgotten American novelist of the 19th century, published a novel titled _Gloria_ which was named after its heroine in 1891. [noted -ed]
clevelandkentevans  12/2/2005
Gloria Anzaldúa, a Chicana feminist writer and author of the influential Borderlands/La Frontera, is a famous bearer of this name.
ars musica  12/3/2005
"Gloria" is a song sung by Van Morrison. Gloria is the daughter of Edith and Archie Bunker on the show "All in the Family."
breakofday  12/22/2005
Gloria Stuart (July 4, 1910) was the actress who played Rose as an old woman in 'Titanic' (1997). A 87-year-old woman at the time, she appeared, however, in several movies of the Golden Era of Hollywood, among them 'The Invisible Man' (1933).
alberto  3/12/2006
Gloria is a very pretty name for a girl.
― Anonymous User  5/17/2006
I personally think this name is really cheesy. Sorry.
wishenough  12/2/2006
When I went to elementary school the cross guard was named Gloria. Ria could be short for Gloria and it's pretty. Gloria reminds me of angels. When I was little I had an imaginary friend named Gloria and I named my first egg baby Gloria in first grade. I could swear my guardian angel or something is named Gloria.
roxhai  3/6/2007
The crazy sister in Wedding Crashers is called Gloria.
― Anonymous User  3/15/2007
One of the penguins in the movie Happy Feet.
libbygirl  4/13/2007
Gloria Beatty is the name of one of the main characters in "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?" by Horace McCoy, later made into the 1969 film with Jane Fonda as Gloria (which was a very well-acted role). Both the story and character however give anything but the impression of "glory." On the contrary, it is actually very gloomy, bleak and a contradiction to this nice name. Apart from that and other associations and famous bearers (which I cannot bear) with this name, I think it is a very beautiful name and have always thought the name Gloria was very pretty. My favorite nicknames for this name are 'Ria' and 'Glory.' By the way, I always thought this was a Latin name, being all the way back from the days of ancient Rome but it's still nice anyway.
Loni_maryrose  6/3/2007
This is the title of a French Christmas carol. Pretty much everyone knows the tune to the song, and it's by far one of the prettiest carols ever! ^_^ It's also a lovely name and one of my favorites. I think of a very pretty, kind, gentle, smart girl when I here this name. :)
Jesus_Freak  4/3/2008
A famous bearer was Mexican American feminist writer, poet, scholar and activist Gloria Anzaldúa (September 26, 1942 - May 15, 2004).
AndrewJKD  4/13/2008
My name is Gloria! The only nickname I've ever heard (or been called) is Glo.

Gloria is the name of the tiny white talking dog in the children's book "No Flying In the House" by Betty Brock. My favorite book.

And in 1982 Laura Branigan's song Gloria went platinum, spent 36 weeks on the Billboard Charts and won her a Grammy.
GloWill  6/17/2008
In the lovely children's books, Frances the badger gets a baby sister called Gloria. Not famous perhaps, but well known!
Anneza  7/18/2008
I love this name. Laura Branigan's song, 'Gloria', was actually an adaptation of Umberto Tozzi's original song: 'Gloria.' This song was sung in English, Italian, and Spanish by Tozzi, and Laura Branigan's version followed years later. I love all versions of the song, and I think Gloria is a unique and lovely name, very classy and sophisticated!
polyglot7  8/27/2008
Gloria is a hippo in the movie Madagascar. I really love this name.
― Anonymous User  12/1/2008
"Viva la Gloria? (Little girl)" and "Viva la Gloria!" are songs sung by Green Day.
Sharp92  5/21/2009
Gloria is the name of one of the characters featured in Green Day's new album 21st Century Breakdown.
x__isa  5/28/2009
I love this name! It is quite unique in its structure. Not very many -oria names out there. It sounds beautiful and it conjures up splendid heavenly images. You couldn't ask for a more lovely name.
kookiemonster71  6/2/2009
Gloria Rachel Allred (b. 1941), the high-profile Californian lawyer - you might have seen her on Fox News at some stage, usually dressed in red - has this beautiful name.
Just Jonquil  7/18/2009
This name is unique and pretty.
― Anonymous User  7/18/2009
Whenever I hear of this name it reminds me of Ian Bennardo, the weird dude who sung 'Gloria' on his audition for American Idol. He was extremely funny.
pink__tofu  7/21/2009
I love this name! I find it to be very beautiful. I also like how it has great namesakes as well.
bananarama  1/31/2010
Gloria is a really pretty name! I never really thought about it before but it is!
starz26  7/6/2010
In Catholic countries this name was often given in honour of Our Lady of Glory - often found as Maria da Glória or Maria Gloria.
SugarPlumFairy  7/18/2010
I'd like to point out that Sugar Plum Fairy's comment about the name being given in honor of "Our Lady of Glory" in Iberia is correct. Unlike many other Marian devotion names, Gloria seems to have been more common in Portugal than in Spain. "Maria da Glória" is found more than once in the Portuguese and Brazilian royal families, including as the beginning part of the official birth name of Queen Maria II of Portugal (1819-1853). The Spanish novelist Benito Pérez Galdós (1843-1920) published a novel titled "Gloria" in 1877, also named after its title character, a wealthy 18 year old Spanish girl from a devout Catholic family who falls in love with an English sailor named Daniel Morton, who eventually reveals he is actually Jewish, his German Jewish forebears having moved to England from Hamburg, Germany. This is of course a huge scandal in 19th century Spain. Benito Pérez Galdós's novel was published in English translations in Britain in 1879 and the United States in 1882. In Mrs. Southworth's novel, which I mentioned years ago above, the character Gloria is the daughter of the Portuguese ambassador to the United States and his wealthy American heiress wife, and she reveals in the book that her birth name was Maria da Gloria. So like Dolores and Mercedes, Gloria is a Marian devotion name first used in Iberia and transferred to English speaking countries from Spain and Portugal.
clevelandkentevans  3/21/2018
Gloria di Piero (born in 1972) is an English TV presenter and politician of Italian descent, who appears in lists of sexiest woman on TV. It shows Gloria isn't an old lady's name. It's a lovely name and I think it should be used more.
― Anonymous User  10/18/2010
Gloria is so timeless and classic! It's absolutely beautiful. It reminds me of the Christmas song "Angels We Have Heard on High". Also, it sounds so refreshing among all the Madisons and Isabellas.
AmandaLeigh88  12/24/2010
This is also my name. I used to dislike it because it's very uncommon in Poland. And there's even a Polish version of this name - Sława. Although, I guess I would have disliked that even more. ;) However, I grew up to liking it. I even appreciate its uniqueness now. And I love its meaning and that it's so obvious.
By the way. You've listed Polish name day (May 13) but you didn't write it is also used in here which is kind of obvious if we have a name day for it. In Poland it's pronounced GLAW-riah. (Oh, and I've just noticed there's no Slavic (also called "Russian" ;)) "r" in the key. "R" sound in Polish is more voiced than in English.)
[noted -ed]
Chwala  4/12/2011
I adore this name, being as NO ONE is named Gloria these days. I will definitely name a child of mine this, even if he is a boy. Gloria, Gloria, Gloria, why so pretty, Gloria? I think it's nice!
guinevere00  1/27/2012
Gloria Ray Sarsgaard (b. April 19, 2012 in New York City) is the second daughter of American actors Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard. Gloria has a big sister named Ramona (b. 2006).
― Anonymous User  4/30/2012
My friend's sister is named Gloria, but everyone calls her Gog (GAHG) or Gogi (GAHG-ee).
― Anonymous User  6/5/2012
No matter how nice of a meaning it has, it is one of those common names that makes me scowl. It is one of the ugliest names you can find, but that's just my opinion, and I'm not the only one with that impression.
― Anonymous User  7/18/2012
Peaceful, lovely, graceful. It sound good but, not really for a young child.
SEC908  10/6/2012
I love this name, but I'm biased because it's mine. My friends call me Lola.
Silverwing  2/7/2013
I wouldn't name someone this, but, Gloria is an adorable name. Very important to the Christian faith. Gloria sounds very unique- I've never met a Gloria! The only problem is Gloria the hippo from Madagascar. I think possiblely a Gloria can get teased for that. (Hippos are fat) Overall though, nice name for young girls.
― Anonymous User  2/20/2013
Gloria reminds me of that 1980's song. The cuban singer Gloria Estefan. The Columbian mom on Modern Family. And it's a great name for families who want a name you could say, spell and write in English and Spanish.
CathyE521  11/19/2013
Gloria is gorgeous, glamorous, and international. What a beautiful name! I imagine any young woman named Gloria would be stunning and humble.
AlexandrianScrolls  7/20/2014
The name Gloria makes me think of a passionate and friendly Italian young lady.
Ronna McGinley  8/16/2014
Besides being its meaning, Glory is a modern form of this name, too.
Sabertooth  8/18/2014
Gloria Grahame (Born: November 28, 1923, Died: October 5, 1981) was an American stage, film and television actress.
― Anonymous User  10/25/2014
I hope to use this name for a daughter someday if I can get my husband on board. I am a Christian and have prayed to be a mother for years. I once was at church singing a song called "Gloria 34" (lyrics rooted in psalm 34) and prayed to God, "If you ever blessed me with a daughter, I would love to praise You every time I spoke her name." I sang "Gloria" and dreamed of a daughter to give the name. Now I am pregnant and hoping for a girl.
― Anonymous User  1/24/2015
Gloria Tesch, the author of the infamously bad self-published series known as the Maradonia Saga. Still like the name despite the association with her.
Acajou  7/28/2015
Actors Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard have daughters Gloria and Ramona. Gorgeous, unconventional, and sweet names for little girls today.
― Anonymous User  8/31/2015
Gloria is such a beautiful sounding name. This name always makes me think of the movie Happy Feet. :)
― Anonymous User  9/17/2015
This name always makes me think about the hippo from The Madagascar movies :D.
AmyChlad  4/3/2016
Gloria Trevi is a Mexican pop-rock singer-songwriter. Called the "Supreme Diva of Mexican Pop" by the music channel VH1, Trevi has sold more than 20 million records.
cutenose  5/25/2016
The Italian pronunciation displayed here is wrong. It's actually pronounced as GLO-ree-ah in Italian (and in Spanish as well, by the way).
― Anonymous User  12/7/2016
This is the name of an angel appearing in forty-six episodes of the 1994 TV series 'Touched by an Angel' who was created specifically to understand the 21st century. She is played by American actress Valerie Bertinelli.
Feorsteorra  12/7/2016
Gloria Criscione Pineda, known artistically as "Gloria del Paraguay" is a Paraguayan soprano, recognized for her versatile voice. She performs both in classical music concerts as well as singing arias. She sings arias as a lyric soprano, as a dramatic soprano, and as a mezzo-soprano. Her repertoire also includes folklore from Paraguay and Latin America.
cutenose  1/28/2017
Despite being a granny name, I still love the sound and mean of this name! It's also used on a category 4 hurricane in 1985 that devastated New York.
XYKLONE  5/6/2018
Gloria Ramirez was an American woman dubbed "the Toxic Lady" by the media when several hospital workers became ill after exposure to her body and blood. She had been admitted to the emergency department while suffering from late-stage cervical cancer. While treating Ramirez, several hospital workers fainted and others experienced symptoms such as shortness of breath and muscle spasms. Five workers required hospitalization, one of whom remained in an intensive care unit for two weeks.
XYKLONE  5/6/2018

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