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The G is prounced with a soft sound, like Y. The Ö is pronounced like "eu" in Fleur. YEU-ran.
Ylva  8/14/2005
Also the real first name of Benny Andersson (Göran Bror Benny Andersson) of ABBA.
sariamew456  4/17/2006
My cousin in Sweden (in Umeå) is named Göran, and my Swedish cousins pronounce the name as YORN, with a rolled R (as all Rs are in Swedish, apparently no rolling Rs is the most obvious sign of a heavy accent in Sweden). That's just one syllable - contracted I guess - and round your lips when you say Swedish vowels, such as the Ö.
greta-elisif  4/17/2006
If Göran is pronounced as Yorn with just one syllable, it must be the local dialect. Göran is usually pronounced with two syllables. I should know, it is a very common name in Sweden and I've met many Görans.
Ylva  6/10/2006
The Swedish prime minister and leader of the Social Democratic Party is Göran Persson.
Ylva  6/10/2006
I have always found this name to be absolutely hideous, and it boggles the mind why people have used this terrible name in Sweden so frequently and for so long.
slight night shiver  5/25/2008
I think most Scandinavian names are cool, but this isn't really one of them. It sounds a lot like "urine".
lcgirl20  8/3/2010

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