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I'm learning Hebrew, and the spelling of this name appears to be an exception to the rule that vav following another letter indicates the vowel o or u, while the absence of vav, yod or ayin indicates that the vowel (if present) is either a or e. Also, in Hebrew, this name is pronounced go-MER.
Atarah Derek  2/11/2018
I would never name someone Gomer. The child would be made fun of. It's too "southern" and is ruined by the tv character Gomer Pyle. Just my opinion.
writer371  3/5/2011
This name never really struck me as being all that feminine, even though it's used as a girl's name in the Bible. Nonetheless, I like the name because of its association with what I consider to be a very romantic story. Way to go, Hosea!

On another note, Gomer is one of the sons of Japheth, and is the ancestor of the Ukrainians (among others).
Atarah Derek  1/7/2010
Pronounced Goh-mehr.
― Anonymous User  11/10/2009
This sounds like the name of an old man that shoots kids off of his yard. Can't imagine it being a girl's name.
number1212  12/3/2008
Gosh, this is one butt-ugly name. It sounds like the name of some cranky old man, and it reminds me of Homer, and thus Homer Simpson, too much. I can't imagine this very harsh and masculine name on females.
slight night shiver  5/31/2008
My friend and I did a study of the name Gomer. It means more than complete. The ORIGINAL hebrew meaning actually means completely as in over or done, failed or failure; not just complete.
bigmiller19  4/4/2006
Gomer Pyle was the dim-witted army private in the old T.V. show of the same name. He was played by Jim Nabors.
breakofday  12/7/2005
Gomer Pyle is also on the Andy Griffith Show.
― Anonymous User  7/25/2006

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