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Grady Fletcher was the name of Jessica Fletcher's nephew in the series 'Murder, She Wrote'.
Lady_Skywalker  4/9/2015
Grady Sizemore is an American baseball player.
― Anonymous User  12/11/2011
Grady Wilson was a character on Sanford and Son played by actor Whitman Mayo.
Dancing_Dragonfly  1/20/2011
TV presenter Paul O'Grady. He had a drag act, his alter-ego was named Lily Savage.
alicehartley4884  7/17/2010
John Grady Cole is the protagonist of Cormac McCarthy's book All the Pretty Horses.
I think it makes a better middle name than a first name.
leylaellen  9/10/2009
Grady is a hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. I've never been, but people say it's understaffed.
― Anonymous User  6/18/2007

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