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How do you say that name? I only wonder.
Dahlis  2/1/2006
It's pronounced 'Groon'. Never come across a person with this one, though. :-)
― Anonymous User  7/20/2006
Wow! A name without any vowels! :)
Yippal  4/10/2007
Actually, replying to the comment above, in the Welsh language 'w' is a vowel. So yeah, it does have vowels. ;)

(In Welsh a, e, i, o, u, w, y and occasionally h are all vowels :))
SioniWinwns  7/11/2008
Ugly name that lacks English vowels. I know W is a vowel in Welsh, but how many people outside of Wales are going to know that?
bananarama  11/19/2008
It sounds as if someone is grunting.
GunsnRoses8794  11/21/2008
The name is beautiful. I'm sorry that two people using crummy band names as identities can't see beyond their own vapid culture to understand that.
Grumble  3/27/2015

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