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I am A South African of colour. My name happens to be Gudrun. To note I have not heard of any coloured person with this name. When I introduce myself to people, they look at me with disbelief. I always get asked if Gudrun is my real name. I get told on many occasions that it's a beautiful name. I always get asked to pronounce my name.
I have asked my mom why she named me Gudrun as it not a common South African name.
There is story behind my name. I am A twin. On the day we were born, my sister, Diane who was two at that time, died suddenly while my mom gave birth to my sister and I. Because my mom was in a state of shock, the nurses cared for us in hospital, and happened to be a German and a Jew. They decided to name us. My twin was named Sharon and I Gudrun.
I think Gudrun is a beautiful name and it makes me feel unique and special.
Gudrun  4/16/2018
I love Gudrun for a girl, but don't have the herritage to use it.
XironDarkstar  12/15/2017
Makes me think, "Well, we've had a good run."
― Anonymous User  9/24/2017
I must confess that Gudrun has to be one of the most unflattering sounding and appearing names that I have ever come across. The sound of Gudrun is absolutely hideous and the look of it appears much more masculine even though Gudrun would be a terrible name for either gender. There isn't a single drop of beauty or charm in this name.
― Anonymous User  7/30/2017
My great grandfather's surname was Gudrun from Denmark. He married a milk maid and was disowned by the family. He left and went to America and changed his name.
Ptpeterson  1/5/2016
Wow, a name that's harsher than Gertraud / Gertrude. I wondered if that were possible...
erb816  10/1/2014
Gudrun Osvifsdottir is the heroine of the Laxdaela Saga.
GregH  4/6/2014
In old Germanic mythology, the name means the rune of battle. The runic symbol for Gudrun is an upright arrow without the feathers. Gudrun also appears in the Wagner Opera Twilight of the Gods.
bertaeckert  4/8/2010
Also used in Sweden. [noted -ed]
Frozten  3/22/2010
Heinrich Himmler's daughter is named Gudrun. She has defended Nazi war criminals. Despite the negative association, it's a nice name.
bananarama  9/2/2009
Pronounced GOOD-roon in German. [noted -ed]
mafiosa  8/6/2009
In Norwegian, this name is pronounced somewhat like [GOOD rune].
reen8  10/1/2008
Listen to the German pronunciation of Gudrun here:
_satu_  11/11/2006
Gudrun Brangwen is one of the titular characters in D.H. Lawrence's "Women in Love".
watermia  4/22/2006
This was my grandmother's (amma's) name. She was Icelandic, and to my ears this is God's Writing or gud (God) run (runes or runa lettur).
svannadis  7/21/2005

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