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Actually in Iranian gul means "flower" not "rose". "Rose" means "rose", same meaning in English.
eville_cookie  5/24/2005
She's right, it does mean flower not rose. I'm half Iranian.
― Anonymous User  7/5/2005
There are many Gul- names used in Iran:
Gulafruz ('dazzling like a flower'); Gulafsan ('rose fable'); Gulafshan ('dispersing like a flower'); Gulandam ('having the form of a flower; slender, delicate'); Gulbadan ('having a body like a rose'); Gulbaher ('a spring flower'); Gulbai; Gulbanu ('flower lady'); Gulbarg ('rose leaf'); Gulchehr ('having a countenance like a rose'); Gulestan, Gulshan ('rose garden'); Gulkhandan ('smiling like a flower'); Gulkhurshid ('sunflower'); Gullala ('tulip flower'); Gulnar ('pomegranate'); Gulpaekar ('rose-faced'); Gulroxar ('rose-faced, rosy-cheeked'); Gulrukh ('rose-faced, ruddy'); Gulshirin ('sweet like a rose'); Gulzar ('flower garden').
― Anonymous User  7/30/2011
This is the Pakistani and Urdu form of the Turkish name Gül (which is also on the site).
Shibbeh  10/7/2014
Gul means "yellow" in Swedish.
Caprice  12/5/2016
It's regularly just written as "ګل" in Pashto and "گل" in Urdu without the diacritic.
highexpectasians  9/22/2017

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