Gustavo Dudamel is a Venezuelan conductor and violinist.
Kosta  1/18/2019
I don't like this name, and I dislike the nickname Gus.
kayisforkeen  8/12/2018
Gustavo Fring was a South American drug kingpin on Breaking Bad :)
thepittsburghgirl  5/19/2015
The popularity of this name just had a "rebound". For many decades, it got more popular. Then in 2000, the popularity dropped. The "rebound" always happens to names that get too popular. Parents don't want a very popular name, so it will be used less.
jonathan0012  3/2/2010
Adolfo Domínguez Bastida, better known as Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, (Seville February 17, 1836 – Madrid December 22, 1870) was a Spanish post-romanticist writer of poetry and short stories, now considered one of the most important figures in Spanish literature. He adopted the alias of Bécquer as his brother Valeriano Bécquer, a painter, had done earlier. He was associated with the post-romanticism movement and wrote while realism was enjoying success in Spain. He was moderately well known during his life, but it was after his death that most of his works were published.

His best known works are the Rhymes and the Legends, usually published together as Rimas y leyendas. These poems and tales are essential to the study of Spanish literature and common reading for high-school students in Spanish-speaking countries.

His work approached the traditional poetry and themes in a modern way, and is considered the founder of modern Spanish lyricism. Bécquer's influence on 20th century poets of the Spanish language can be felt in the works of Octavio Paz and Giannina Braschi.
sweetbabe  8/2/2008
I like this name too. I think a good nickname would be Tavo.
deatheater1408  3/8/2008
My brother's name is Gustavo. He likes his name but it is very rare in the US, however in Spanish speaking countries you hear it more often. Some people call him Gus for short.
Today1  8/5/2006

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