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Gwendolyn is my own name and I like it a lot. I think it sounds very magical and fairy tale-ish. When I hear the name I picture someone who has a bit of a fairy-air around her. Someone who didn't even know my name is Gwendolyn (I go by Lyn) once told me I had something magical, something elfish about me... I also really like the spelling Gwendolen, which is the original spelling.
-- GLynElisabeth  3/14/2005
I love this name. I agree with the above poster that it has a fairy-tale princess quality to it, which I love in a name.
-- Mommy2B  4/6/2005
I really love this name too. I wrote a story one time, and there was a character named Gwendolyn, and she was a fairy! Just like the above posters said the name sounded like.
-- GracieLou  10/2/2005
My grandmother's middle name is Gwendolyn and I think it's rather nice for a first name and middle name. I think Wendy would be a nice nickname for Gwendolyn too (gWENDolYn).
-- Anonymous User  12/31/2005
This is a very pretty name, although I think I prefer Guinevere.
-- beautyofwords9  3/20/2006
Gwendolyn Brooks (1917-2000) was a writer from Chicago. She was the first African-American to win a Pulitzer Prize (for poetry).
-- Anonymous User  7/9/2006
Gwen Stefani of No Doubt's full name is Gwendolyn Renee Stefani.
-- innamorato87  7/13/2006
Gwen Stefani's actual first name is Gwen, not Gwendolyn. Though less common, Gwen can be just a plain given name.
-- mhavril39  8/19/2007
A famous bearer of this name is African-American writer Gwendolyn B. Bennett (July 8, 1902–1981).
-- AndrewJKD  7/23/2006
I love this name, and I like the nickname Gwennie.
-- nelirosala  8/30/2006
This name has been in use since the 1880s and was most popular in 1950 to 1960.
-- Anonymous User  9/19/2006
This is such a gorgeous name. Possible nicknames are: Gwen, Gwennie, Gwenda, Wenda, Wendy, Lyn, Lynnie, Winnie, and Dolly.
-- 1crzychick  3/27/2007
Gwendolynne Burkin, an Australian fashion designer, possesses a variant of this name.
-- laperouse  6/9/2007
Gwednolyn (Winnie) Cooper from the hit TV show, "The Wonder Years."
-- gracielou16  8/28/2007
There's a character named Gwendolyn in Oscar Wilde's play The Importance of Being Earnest.
-- Anonymous User  11/23/2007
The character in the play is named Gwendolen (not Gwendolyn).
-- Kate  6/17/2008
I do love this name, because it sounds nice for a little girl. If I ever have a child, I'll name her this.
-- aquaspirit96  12/2/2007
The name Gwendolyn is old fashioned but perfect for a little girl, too. I had a friend named Gwendolyn when I was little, and she went by the name Gwen.
-- Likeyeahwhatev  1/23/2009
When I hear Gwendolyn, I think of a beautiful princess with curly hair who is generous to all. I love it.
-- italiannames  9/28/2009
I'm so pleased to read that Gwendolyn is receiving such positive feedback. Gwendolyn really is a sweet, classic name. I prefer it in full, without any nicknames.
-- vomiting  11/26/2009
Mouth full. And overflowing.
-- lucyskydiamonds  1/18/2010
The name itself, Gwendolyn has a lot of mythological background to it. Translated it means moon goddess and the wife of Merlin was named Gwendolyn. Also, a victorious queen in battle was another myth with a bearer named Gwendolyn.
-- indreamereyes16  5/7/2010
This name was used for one of the five playable characters in the award-winning Playstation 2 role-playing game Odin Sphere.
-- missmarlenesinclair  5/7/2010
Yuck. Too frilly and a mouthful. I don't like it.
-- Chrila96  8/14/2010
Nevermind, I think it's okay now. Makes me think of flowers. Though still too long.
-- Chrila96  9/11/2010
I used to hate it (see my above comments) but now I think it's absolutely GORGEOUS! I might even name my daughter it!
-- Chrila96  12/7/2010
AHH! This name is so so cute!
-- xxlovedisxx  6/21/2011
This is the name of my beautiful seven-year-old daughter. If you like old-fashioned names like Evelyn and Emma and Lillian, but you want something less trendy, Gwendolyn fits the bill. It's unique, but not so way-out that people don't recognize it. It also has the built-in cute nickname Gwen (which sadly, some people use whether she wants them to or not... apparently nine letters is beyond the intelligence level of people like my sister-in-law).
-- Anonymous User  7/5/2012
Very pretty, much more mature and way classier than just Gwen, although that isn't a bad nickname :)
-- Oohvintage  1/12/2013
Love this name! The nickname Lyn is also very nice.
-- QuillHeart  5/27/2013
I like both the original spelling and the modern spelling and the nick name. This name sounds very classic.
-- CathyE521  11/19/2013
I cannot get over this name. Gwendolyn is just so beautiful, classy, and classic. My first daughter (if I have one) will probably be named Gwendolyn.
-- Anonymous User  3/14/2014

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