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Gyula Andrássy (1823-1890) was a Hungarian noble and one of the most famous and patriotic statesmen in Hungarian history. Breadth of view, swift resourcefulness, and an intimate knowledge of men and things were his distinguishing qualities; throughout his life he remained fiercely devoted to achieving the freedom of his country and its people, and his death was mourned throughout Hungary as a national calamity.
marinajavor  3/28/2006
The name Gyula actually comes from an ancient Hungarian position from the times of the Huns. In the Hun history there were always two leaders. "Kende" who was the spiritual leader and "Gyula" which was the word for the military leader. [noted -ed]
maugli  5/7/2009
This is not a form of Julius.
bathos  5/31/2010
Gyula IS a form of Julius. My father, who's name is Gyula, goes by Julius since we live in the US.

Just because it is in a different language and doesn't have letters similar to Julius doesn't mean it isn't a form of it.

How do you get Hank from Henry? Dick from Richard?
dressandtie  9/29/2013
Names are sometimes identified with others even where they are historically unrelated. For example, the Hungarian names Jenő and Endre are traditionally identified with Eugene and Andrew, respectively, but are historically unrelated to them. I don't know whether or not this is the case with Gyula and Julius. [noted -ed]
Kosta  8/5/2014
Gyula derives from the Turkish word "jyla" and it means light.
HerculePoirot  7/22/2016
With 64 681 bearer, Gyula is the 20th most common masculine name in Hungary. (01/01/2016).
HerculePoirot  9/2/2016

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