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Pronounced ah-dahr.
-- Miss Claire  7/29/2006
Um, no Miss Claire. This name is pronounced "huh- DAR because of the hey.
-- egyptianpanda  2/6/2009
Hadar Babayof known professionally as Aderet, is an Israeli singer-songwriter, DJ, producer and entertainer. Her music is heavily influenced by pop, trance, and dance music.
-- cutenose  6/16/2016
Hadar can have several meanings in Hebrew. It can mean splendor, glory, state and citrus. All are spelled Hadar (הָדָר).
-- Anonymous User  2/15/2017
Hadar Rosenbach is an actress who played the lead role in the 1998 TV series 'The Kineret Secrets'.
-- Anonymous User  2/15/2017

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