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The name does not necessarily carry a religious connotation; but one of leadership and wisdom. [noted -ed]
― Anonymous User  2/8/2008
Pronounced KHA ("a" like in father)-DEE. The "KH" being like an English "h" but much more raspy, coming from deep in the throat. I LOVE this name! I am definitely going to name my first born son this, that he may be a good leader to all his younger siblings. Ah, I am so in love with this name, Hadi, Hadi.
Nadire  9/2/2012
Actually, Hadi is not pronounced with a "KH" sound in the beginning. The Arabic letter ه, the first in this name, is pronounced like a regular h. So the pronunciation is HAA-dee.
SilverLining  3/2/2014
This is also a Turkish name. [noted -ed]
Shibbeh  10/6/2014

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