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The name Hagen was given to 116 boys born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/21/2016
Another origin of Hagen is from Germanic 'hag', meaning a somehow sacred, small territory.
achlys  7/26/2010
Hagen is used in Nibelungenlied, the classic German epic, as the name of one of the chief characters, Hagen von Tronje. It is related to the Volsung Hogni of Norse origin. Hagen von Tronje, while perhaps considered somewhat villianous, is also a celebrated character for his heroism and loyalty in the final chapters of Nibelungenlied, and has been lionized by many German critics. Hagen is most significant for being the slayer of Siegfried, the antagonist of Kriemhild for slaying her husband (Siegfried) and stealing her treasure (the Nibelungen hoarde), and by some accounts, for his elvish parentage and one eye. In German tradition he is a dark character; the Norse Hogni is still implicable but somewhat less aggressively so.
JasonR  6/9/2006

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