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This is so pretty! I'm worried it sounds too close to "Hades", but I like it!
Jadie477  3/25/2018
Please don't use this. It's way too close to the name Haiti.
TyrannosaurusRegina  1/14/2016
Reminds me of "Hardee's", an American fast-foot joint.
Also reminds me of "Hades". :/
Skulky  4/21/2010
It sounds alright, but the spelling isn't that nice looking to me.
number1212  5/30/2009
It's NOT pronounced like Heidi. Heidi is a nickname for Adelheid. Heidi and Haidee are different names. Haidee is pronounced HAY-dee and Heidi is HY-dee.

I much prefer Haidee over Heidi. The problem is that even though Haidee is a lovely name in theory it would be confusing to actually have that name. People would always assume you were Heidi, Hayley, Holly or something similar.
Lily8  9/12/2008
This is my wonderful sister's name. She hates that people sometimes look too quickly at the spelling and call her Haley. I personally think it's a great name. Very original, not very common at all.
randomlyKeira  9/10/2008
I know of a person with the name Haidi, said the same way as Haidee, Hay-dee. I think it's an unusual name, that has a great sound to it.
katis  3/26/2008
My name is Haidee and I like having this name because I never meet anybody else with the same name. I was told by my mum that it means modest and I hate it when people call me Heidi. I don't think it 'butchered' the lovely name Heidi.
Haidee...x  3/7/2008
Haydee was a young Greek girl saved from slavery by Monte Christo in Dumas's novel "The Count of Monte Christo".
lizka  6/12/2007
Unless the "-ee" is pronounced as "ay" as it should be, these names that end with "-ee" drive me nuts. If this is a variant of Heidi, then it's an absolute butchering of a lovely name.
gaelruadh19  1/27/2007
I say "Haidee" in a different way to "Heidi", I believe Haidee is pronounced HAY-dee, whereas Heidi is HI-dee. I much prefer Haidee, I think it is a beautiful sound and a beautiful name. Byron did an excellent job in making up names. I think this name would fit a child but would grow up with them too, as it has a similar sound to the popular name "Hayley".
― Anonymous User  10/20/2006
Another possibility is that it is of Germanic origin and a short form of "Adelheid". Also written "Heidi" in German.
Paganqueen  7/16/2005
Heidi is a nickname (originally) and has nothing to do with the name Haidee.
― Anonymous User  2/6/2007
The name possible derives from the ancient Greek name of one of the first three muses, AOIDH, pronounced: haee-dee, meaning "woman singer". It is well known that Byron had great knowledge of Greek mythology.
Damis  6/28/2005

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