When I hear this name, I first think of the surname Halcyon from Star Wars, among whose members include Jedi Masters Corran Horn and Nejaa Halcyon. Then I think of Halcyon Green from the Percy Jackson series. In both cases, Hal is used as a nickname for this name (i.e. Hal Horn, Hal Green). This is actually the first time I've ever heard it as a feminine name; I always thought it was masculine.
Caedus  8/3/2018
Can also be a male name.
RyanD  5/23/2017
Ellie Goulding has an album called Halcyon. This would be very, very strange as a name. It really doesn't sound like one. The word Halcyon also means a good memory from the past.
― Anonymous User  6/10/2013
Spelled Halcion, it's a well-known sleeping pill used to treat severe insomnia.

Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer used Halcion or a generic version to drug his victims.
humblebee  12/26/2011
When used as an adjective in the English language, means "Calm and peaceful; tranquil" or "Prosperous; golden".
ccourtneyw  10/15/2011
From Latin Alcyone, daughter of Aeolus and wife of Ceyx. When her husband died in a shipwreck, Alcyone threw herself into the sea whereupon the gods transformed them both into Halcyon birds (kingfishers). When Alcyone made her nest on the beach, waves threatened to destroy it. Aeolus restrained his winds and made the waves be calm during seven days in each year, so she could lay her eggs. These became known as the "Halcyon Days", when storms never occur.
persephone1313  11/13/2010
Weird but cool. It'd work as a band name though.
Aureliano  5/31/2010
Isn't this the state you're in when you have taken a sleeping pill? The name is quite weird.
slight night shiver  4/23/2008

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