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I noticed that the name Halina is not a very common name. Since it's my name, I think that it's a pretty cool name. People constantly call me "Helena" or "Alina". It can get pretty irritating. I like how Halina means "Calm" since I'm calm most of the time.
MundialNina93  8/18/2006
Also means "let's go" in Tagalog.
SSF  10/29/2006
One famous bearer is moderator/writer/actor Halina Pawlowská.
Emilie007  8/11/2008
I think this a pretty, all-round nice name! :)
walesgal92  4/24/2010
WOW! I love the way this name sounds! It is very pretty!
LullabyMoon11  9/25/2010
Ah, this name is so gorgeous. Makes me think of an innocent-looking Scandinavian-type beauty with gigantic blue eyes and blond curls.
DaphneSusan  2/1/2011
While "hali na" means "let's go" in Tagalog, the name Halina is commonly used for girls in the Philippines.
Joiya  8/15/2016

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