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I doubt this is pronounced the same way as the German word, but I still can't get myself to like this name because where I come from, it means "hate".
x_Fashion_x  9/11/2006
'Hasse' is also the name of the leading character in Thea Beckman's book 'Hasse Simonsdochter'. This Hasse is actually a woman. The book is set in The Netherlands, in the 15th century. It's a wonderful book, and this name reminds me of it.

It is actually pronounced in the same way as the German word for hate, but I hadn't thought of that yet. I guess it makes it less suitable as a name. I do know a girl called Hasse though.
ml1muse  10/9/2006
I agree with the first comment; it, in fact, does mean "hate" in German, so if you are Swedish, keep that in mind.
― Anonymous User  8/28/2010
Alternate spelling: Hassee. It's important to remember that just because a name means something in one language does not translate to the same thing in other languages. I have learned this from personal experience. I once spoke to an Asian man whose first name was FUK. Yes it was pronounced like the curse word in English but that was his name and in the country where this man was born it was nothing unusual, say maybe the equivalent of Joe or something.
GibsonGirl  5/14/2012
The book 'Hasse Simonsdochter' was (is) my favourite book when I was young. It was the first book that made me cry. So beautiful! Though Hasse likely never really existed, the book tells about a part of the history of The Netherlands. The man she falls in love with, was a real historic figure.

The name Hasse belongs to a strong and brave girl in my opinion.
Kaat5  5/23/2016

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