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In Ancient Egypt, Hathor was also the Goddess of the moon.
audreyhubley  8/29/2006
Hathor was not the goddess of the moon. She was more closely associated with sun, being the daughter and "eye" of Ra.
Lizdebiz  9/9/2007
I question the pronunciation. Surely Hat- + Hor should give haht-hor, not hahth-or. Very few languages have -th- as a diphthong: English, Greek, Spanish are all I can think of. It would be odd if the Egyptians did the same.

Of course, there are no ancient Egyptians left that we could ask. Time machine, anyone?
Anneza  11/28/2008
It's the Hellenized version of the name, so the 'th' diphthong is correct in this case.
erb816  11/28/2010
TH (in either "thin" or "thus") is not a diphthong.
Sabertooth  11/28/2014
Would be a good name for a cat, maybe a black and white one, with the cow association.
Hushpuppy  11/28/2017

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