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It's bothering me that a lot of people are giving their kids guy's names. Well, I shouldn't be complaining because my name (Tracy) was originally a guy's name... but still! Hayden doesn't really sound like a girl's name to me.
― Anonymous User  5/9/2005
Hayden Christensen, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader of the Star Wars prequels, is a famous bearer.
SkywalkerFan  5/11/2005
Hayden should be just a boy's name. I wouldn't want to be named Hayden. Only if I was a boy.
― Anonymous User  8/15/2005
Actress Hayden Panetiere (from Disney's Remember the Titans) has this name as well. I think the name suits her, even if it's mostly used for boys.
miraclegirl80  8/18/2005
I have a cousin named Hayden. I think his name is great. However, I think this name only works for boys not girls.
Rachelgirl1989  12/7/2005
I think that Hayden is a great name -- but I like it more for a boy than a girl. I think that if I have a boy, one of the top picks for his name will be Hayden.
little_kit  2/13/2006
I love this name and will name my daughter this but spelt Haydn, like the Welsh name! This is a beautiful name and is very unique either for a boy or girl!
angharad159  4/12/2006
Why does everyone think Hayden is a guy's name? I'm a chick and my name is Hayden. This is how I see it...
Hayden - girl/or guy
Jaden - both
Aiden - guys only
Hayden_Babii  4/22/2006
I also feel that this name is masculine sounding and would only use it for a boy.
― Anonymous User  5/26/2006
I agree that this is a boy's name and I think it is a terrible thing to do to a little girl.
stuckonstupid  5/29/2006
I love the name Hayden. I think it is beautiful and would love to someday name my daughter Hayden Elizabeth, but if I don't have a dsughter I would name my son Hayden, though I prefer it for a girl.
― Anonymous User  6/3/2006
I like this name, but only for boys. Unfortunately, it seems to follow the trend of all the names ending with "-aden".
― Anonymous User  7/10/2006
This is the name of my brother-in-law's baby nephew. I don't really like it that much, I prefer Aidan.
corrielover  8/10/2006
I love this name! It is masculine, not meant for a girl at all unless they were hoping for a bit of a tomboy. It flows well with so many middle/last names.
alohamomma04  9/6/2006
I love this name and would name my son or daughter Hayden. I know someone who named their sons Hayden and Tristan and I think the names go great together.
― Anonymous User  9/24/2006
I really like the name Hayden. I personally would only use it for a boy. But it's an adorable name in general for anyone. But I do like it.
Tito82  12/22/2006
This name is ADORABLE for a girl!
Taydbug112  3/14/2007
I am due in August with a baby boy. And I am naming him Hayden William. I love this name and once my husband heard it, there wasn't any going back.
HeatherNacole  4/6/2007
So tired of strong boy names like Hayden being turned into the trendy girl name of the moment! So many fantastic girl names out there already, please o please stop taking our great boy names away!
― Anonymous User  5/14/2007
Yes, I agree. There are too many boy names that are being turned feminine. It leaves the boys with names that are either ridiculously popular, girly because girls are using it, or just really weird sounding. I had a son, and it took forever for me and my husband to find a name we wanted for him for the reasons mentioned above; we settled for the popular Ethan. It's popularity was the only thing I didn't like about it but I didn't want a unisex name for him or something completely bizarre sounding.
― Anonymous User  10/5/2007
I don't understand. How can you like Hayden for a boy or a girl when you know it is pretty much the ultimate trendy name? Is anyone else sick of hearing Aiden, Aidan, Hayden, Brayden, Braden, Caden, Kaden, Jaden, and Jayden in all of the BA's? I think that it's better on a boy, but I find myself unhappy when I hear this name.
― Anonymous User  7/16/2007
Love this name for a girl and a boy. I don't know any girl Haydens, but I know two boys, but I still LOVE this name for a girl.
Patricia Underwood  2/15/2008
This is the only -ayden name that I like for a little boy.
jasmineenimsaj  2/26/2008
I could potentially like this name for a boy, but since it's become flavor of the month, I can't see myself ever using it. For on a boy it sounds incredibly trendy and on for a girl, it's just utterly ridiculous. Maybe for a boy, but never ever never for a girl!
spaz123  4/7/2008
Hayden lake, Idaho is known for their annual Nazi parade and Nazi compound which in recent years has left the area but I still think Nazi when I hear this.
stuckonstupid  4/15/2008
This name is immensely popular and overused right now, so I wouldn't even consider using it, especially since so many people have named their kids names that rhyme with this name. However, I think this is a great name, but only for guys. I can't imagine a woman named Hayden. It sounds more like a name for a tomboy than a woman, as it's quite masculine. Masculine names just don't sound right on any other females than tomboyish girls and young women with androgynous or indie looks. After that, the coolness of the name wears off.
slight night shiver  4/23/2008
Out of all the Aiden sound alike names I like this one the best. It might make a neat middle name.
number1212  4/26/2008
I LOVE this name. I looked up Aidan/Aiden and remembered thinking I like Hayden SO much better! It's way cooler and just better sounding than Aiden/Aidan, Jayden--for sure, and Brayden, and above all the Caden/Kadens. And other -aden names by all means.
It's JUST TOO BAD way too many girls are being named Hayden. I would LOVE to name my son Hayden, but if he has a girl classmate named Hayden in the future, I would HATE for him to tell us at home that Mom, the teacher always says Hayden, come here please, yes Hayden? Hayden! And I listen up, and it's really that girl Hayden, not me.
And see, in 2007, in the US it was ranked #194! That is REALLY popular for girls, if it's in the 100's even! I would LOVE to use Hayden for my little son but I MIGHT have to cut it off and use this wonderful name as his middle name because of the Hayden girl thing. Come on moms, there are many pretty GIRLS names out there, why give your little girls BOYS names? It sounds so manly for a little girl, and NOT ladylike for a woman of ANY age.
diamond  6/8/2008
People! There's no such thing as a "boy" name or a "girl" name. Yes, certain names are more commonly associated with certain sexes, but this is ultimately just a society-wide delusion. It should be expected that it will be violated at some point, and it is my opinion that such violation should in fact be encouraged, as should be the case in regard to all delusions.
― Anonymous User  7/9/2008
Ooh this is my favorite name for a girl! I am a total fan of Hayden Christensen, so much that I named my 1st born daughter Hayden Kristen!
LibbyBeth  7/26/2008
Well, I am a 33 year old woman named Haydan. I think it's a perfect name for a female and have proudly bore it for this long! Spellings can help depict the gender. So for those of you who oppose using Hayden for a girl. Check out my unique spelling!
Haydan75  8/8/2008
I have never heard of a girl being named Hayden. It's cool in the sense that it is unique for girls whereas it is getting pretty popular for boys. Still, I only see it as a guys name. I love the name Aidan also. But if I ever had two sons, I'd be stupid and crazy to name them Hayden and Aidan.
Fire1815  9/7/2008
I used to like this name but now I think it's too popular because it's an -aidan name. I also don't like the hay sound. I really don't like it on girls.
Rachelgirl1989  12/10/2008
To me, just such a cop-out name. Like the parents aren't creative, fear originally, just want something bland that nobody will scoff at. Well. I'm scoffing.

It wouldn't be so bad if it at least had real meaning. Phonetically and meaningfully, it fails.
― Anonymous User  3/12/2009
I worked long and hard to chose the name Hayden for my son. Hayden happens to be a family name (a concept I was set upon using) and was a nod to my g'granddad, Haywood, a name I didn't like but was possessed by an amazing man. The name has served him quite well as people tend to respond positively to it. You, in fact, seem to be in the minority. My only negative itch is over it being used by girls (as a trendy thing) and that it may become a trend in general. But if either of those are the case it isn't as bad as the trend to name girls some Caleigh, or some version there of. I think the Haydens of the world are still safe in that regard.

I honesty thought you would like to know that Hayden is not a cop-out name. I don't see how it really ever could be. Cop-out names are filler names, as in John, Anne, Elizabeth, etc. I don't think badly of those that go that route. The people I don't understand are those that use only trendy name. I know someone with several children, all more than 5 yrs apart. She named each child whatever name was the most popular at the time. Now, that's absurd. :)
allisoncope  9/21/2009
It's such a shame that such a sexy, strong boys name is so common for females nowadays. ): I mean, it's OKAY as girls name, but I personally feel it's much better suited for the male gender.
― Anonymous User  3/21/2010
Hayden Fry, legendary college football coach.
archaelicos  7/22/2010
I think this is one of those names that is versatile enough to be on either a girl or a boy. To me, it sounds like it could fit either a girly-girl or a tomboy, a jock or an artist. The personality of the individual, in this case, shapes the feeling of the name.

And honestly, I am actually pretty tired of people griping about 'boy's names' being used for girls. Names are like any other part of language: they change over time. Sometimes they change faster or more drastically than others, but it happens.
― Anonymous User  7/28/2010
This is one of the -aden names that I can tolerate. It's rather nice but doesn't really age well.
Chrila96  10/24/2010
I don't care for this name. It's overused. But I like it better than other -aden names. It doesn't sound feminine, but I can somewhat tolerate it on a girl because I like Hayden Panettiere.
bananarama  1/12/2011
I am so bored with this name. It's been going for about forty years and shows no signs of dying out. Now it's being used for girls as well.

However, that's good news for all the Haydens out there, because you can't tell whether a Hayden is middle-aged, teen-aged or a baby. Or a man or a woman. It's the ultimate uber-name which is so nothingy it can belong to anyone.
keepitreal  1/15/2011
I don't get why this name is liked so much. Aidan is the only -aden name that sounds decent, and I don't exactly like the "Hay" sound at the beginning. Plus, it doesn't sound all that masculine to me - like it should be the name of an effeminate male who likes earrings and makeup.
Black_X  1/27/2011
If you name your kid Hayden, every one will think he's 4 for the rest of his life.
FlakyMatt  4/9/2011
Hayden is a male name and should stay that way. As for Hayden being an eternally young name, not true. I have two relatives, both men, with the name Hayden. One was born in 1807 and the other in 1924. The first Hayden lived to be 92 years old. The second, 77 years old. So I think it's a name that can grow with the boy for as long as he needs it to.
GibsonGirl  8/14/2011
One of my least favorite names, it sounds too feminine for boys and yet too masculine for girls. It doesn't work well for either gender to me.
sunshinechild67  12/28/2011
I don't really like the name Hayden. In my opinion though, it seems more like a female's name. The start 'Hay' reminds me of the name 'Hayley' which is why it sounds more girly than boyish in my opinion.
mummytoTheo  3/31/2012
I love the name Hayden. I think it's for girls and boys. I'm going to name my son Hayden when I'm older but it works for girls too. :):);)
Soccerluvr3  5/28/2012
Got attached to this as a name in middle school while reading Simon R. Green's over-the-top-epic Deathstalker series, which has a race of cyborgs called Hadenmen, because they originate on the planet Haden.
XICooper  6/25/2012
It's a really cool name--I love most of the Aden names despite popularity, though this name has a disappointing meaning. However, if I were to use it, I would prefer it spelled Haden. And I won't really know how to offer my opinion on Hayden being a unisex name until I actually meet a girl Hayden, so I won't get into that tangled discussion.
Sabella Authoress  10/25/2012
Neal Shusterman wrote two terrific books (Unwind and Unwholly) and is working on the third. One of my three most favorite characters in those books is named Hayden.
Sabella Authoress  10/25/2012
A girl named Hayden? I knew a girl named Kayden, but Hayden?
SEC908  12/26/2012
Hayden looks much better on girls. It is strong and classy. On boys, it looks dated and odd. (no offense boy Hayden's).
Melys11  1/3/2013
I love this name for a little boy, and I am so sick of people taking all these awesome boy names and using them for their 'super special' little girls.
― Anonymous User  3/1/2013
Jesus Christ, people, relax. There's nothing wrong with using traditionally boy's names for a girl. See, Jackie, Tracy, Taylor, Courtney, Ashley, Alexis, Ariel, Paris, Madison, Whitney, Evelyn, Quinn, Harper, Sydney, Vivian, Heather and plenty of others. Some of these names you'd think were crazy to put on a boy now. (Evelyn, Vivian and Courtney come to mind.) The truth is a lot of old "traditional" female names are just boy names made feminine, or boy names turned girl names. Girls never had a good stock of exclusively girl names.

Now, as for Hayden itself, I love this name, both on a boy and a girl, but especially a girl. It just sounds so nice.
EkiAku  4/10/2013
I disagree that Hayden is dated on boys, because all the -aden/-ayden names are going to be very, very dated in a few years. This is even more true for girls, on which names like Hayden will sound absolutely ridiculous by the time they reach adulthood. Of all the -aden names, this is the only one that's actually tolerable to me, because it has some history of use before the 90's and I can imagine it on an older man.
― Anonymous User  5/27/2013
I love this name... For a boy. The trendiness at first bothered me, but I asked a name lover I know, and she told me that Hayden (as well as Aidan spelled correctly and Caden spelled correctly) is a legitimate name and has class. Hayden is high on my list, and I'm likely to use it if I ever have a boy. For a girl, however, I agree that it's trendy and annoying. Hayley is better
Trayc53: I also shouldn't complain, BTW, since my name is also a guy's name.
Skylar_Arianna  6/7/2013
I don't really like this for boys which really makes me not like it for girls...
SEC908  12/16/2013
This is a really handsome name! I like hearing it, but I wouldn't use it myself probably, because it is so popular now.
hattie98  3/21/2014
Craig T. Nelson played Hayden Fox, head football coach for the fictional Minnesota State University Screaming Eagles on the ABC sitcom Coach which ran from 1989-1997.
JoReia  7/23/2014
Hayden sounds like somebody misspelled the great Josef Haydn's name and then liked it. Which is a mistake because despite his greatness, Haydn was a shit composer.
― Anonymous User  7/28/2014
I prefer this name for boys as it sounds very masculine. This is a cute, handsome name for a guy! ;D.
― Anonymous User  9/7/2014
I like this name on both boys and girls. I think it can sound masculine when paired with a masculine middle name like Robert and feminine when paired with a feminine middle name like Elizabeth. I have met boys and girls with this name.
heatherfeather  10/2/2014
Honestly, I do think this could be used for both genders, but I truly think it makes a better boy name since it sounds very classy on boys.
twlightblack11  1/15/2015
My name is Hayden and I'm 11 years old. Why does everyone think that a boy's name can't be a girl's name? You guys are all upset because that name is popular for BOTH genders. Why are GROWN ADULTS commenting bad stuff about the name Hayden. When I started looking at these comments it made me feel AWFUL about my name. Hayden is a perfectly good name for a girl and a boy. Sorry for saying my opinion! Hayden is a very great name:)
― Anonymous User  3/21/2015
I love this name! Aside from the actor Hayden Christensen; I also know a boy in my TAFE called Hayden.
emilydominko  4/20/2015
There's a park in Ottawa, Canada called Andrew Haydon Park. It is beautiful! Hayden seems a bit trendy, along the lines of Jayden, Aiden, etc. But it's a legitimate name.
― Anonymous User  8/29/2015
My name is Hayden, and I'm a GIRL (gasp) I've held this name for twenty years and I couldn't love it more if I tried. I LOVE the idea of using boy names for girls. I got the idea from my own name. Everytime I tell someone my name, they always tell me how unique it is and how they've never met a "girl Hayden." I think it's a beautiful name, for a girl or a boy, and it fits perfectly with my middle name. (Ashley.) So put that in your against-unisex-names juice box and suck it.

P.s. to all the girl Hayden's out there reading this thread, ignore these people and their rude comments about girls with this name.
haydenashley  10/5/2015
I babysat a girl with this name who is very wild and spunky and she makes this boy name her own name. I love using boy's names for girls anyway.
al84  12/19/2015
I'm rather neutral toward this -aden name. It doesn't sound as good as Aidan, but it's not as horrible as Jaden. I can see it on either sex, though I do think it sounds a bit stranger on a female, and a bit immature for anyone who bears it regardless of gender. I wouldn't actively try to convince someone to not choose it for their child, but I wouldn't encourage the choice, either.
RoseTintsMyWorld  5/9/2016
Wow, people can be hateful on something as simple as a name. My name is Hayden Elizabeth. For a long time, I hated my name. The only other Haydens I'd met were boys. Now that I'm 20, I actually like it. I frequently get compliments on how my name is unique and beautiful and how well it works for my personality. I also like having a unisex name, as there is no sexism when I apply for jobs.
― Anonymous User  6/7/2016
I love this name, for a boy or girl. My book character, who is female, mind you, is a female and her name is Hayden Lilliana, and I think it goes amazingly.
― Anonymous User  7/27/2016
This name sounds feminine. Just like I wouldn't name a girl Aiden, I wouldn't name a boy Hayden.
Luvbug86  8/7/2016
Craig T. Nelson's character, Hayden Fox, is a salute to Hayden Fry, the beloved head football coach at The University of Iowa for many years.
gabby101  8/23/2016
I'm 42 years old, I'm female, and my middle name is Hayden. Before I was born, my mother had met a lady who's name was Hayden, she really liked the name, and that's how it became part of my full name.
Khayden  11/1/2016
Hayden Knight is a retired Trinidad-American soccer defender and current high school soccer coach. He earned three caps with the United States men's national soccer team in 1984.
cutenose  1/18/2017
This is my name, but it sucks. I wanted something like Skye, or Scarlette.
Hayden_skye  4/6/2017
Songwriter Hayden Nicholas has co-written numerous hits with country music artist Clint Black.
Nifty_Name_Nerd  10/16/2017
Hayden Leslie Panettiere is an American actress, model, singer, and activist. She is known for her roles as cheerleader Claire Bennet on the NBC sci-fi series Heroes, Juliette Barnes in the ABC/CMT musical-drama series Nashville and Kairi in the video game series Kingdom Hearts.
cutenose  11/4/2017
It's an okay name. Better than Jayden, Kayden, Brayden. This name is more mature than the other variants. I prefer it on a boy.
BehindAName9  11/25/2017
Please give it to girls. It's my brothers name :)
― Anonymous User  1/19/2018
All you that are saying that "Hayden is a boy's name" are wrong thank you. Hayden can be given to anyone. It means fire in Welsh, and I think it's a cool name. Name your kid whatever. Don't listen to stupid soccer moms and weebs who have nothing better to do.

Let me explain why I like this name. I'm a comic artist, and one of my characters has the name Hayden. I chose it because I wanted something boy-ish with an Irish-ish flair. I also wanted a name that had connections to fire, hence my inclusion of the name meaning above. She's a strong, fearless character, and I think that's what the name represents.
starsabove  2/20/2018

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