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Heaven is a stupid name. Your daughter will probably end up using drugs with this name. I can imagine it, "Hi, my name is Heaven".
― Anonymous User  8/22/2005
I have this name and I was born on Dec. 16, 1990. One of the firsts, because no one started using it until then, I guess. There is really nothing wrong with this name except for the fact that people expect a lot from you and have really really high expectations. When you do something wrong they act like you killed somebody or something, just because I have this name. But other than that it's pretty cool. I mean I was named this because I was born 3 months early and I almost died. My middle name is Leigh.
Heaven  8/22/2005
My eldest daughter is named Heaven. It is the only child that my husband and I had no trouble agreeing on the name! It is a name that I have loved for years. I am a little embarassed to admit how I found it... There is a V.C. Andrews series that has a main character named Heaven Leigh. When we chose the name for our daughter, I had never heard it used before. We also had trouble (mostly with my husband's family) with people being negative about her name. Since her birth, however, I have met four or five Heavens! Our family, once so sceptical, now LOVES her name and admits that it suits her better than any other name they could have thought of! Some people are still a little surprised when they hear her name, but in a world that has so MANY "different" names, "Heaven" doesn't stick out as much as it would have in another time. My daughter loves her name... as long as people say it right. She getts very impatient with anyone who calls her "Heather"! A word of caution: if you choose to name you daughter this, hold off on telling people until AFTER she is born. More and more people are waiting to tell people anyway, so you really won't seem that odd and you won't have to hear all the negativity and have people (mainly family) trying to talk you into what they deem as a "proper" name.
TwoSixNine  9/16/2005
Imagine if your daughter is fat. Like you and most of the US are. Heavy Heaven. If you name your kid this, you are an idiot who is ignorant and stupid. Go ahead, name your daughter Heaven Leigh and she will become a porn star.
― Anonymous User  11/19/2005
It's one thing to hope that you will one day go to Heaven, and another to have the name which brings to mind a cheaply permed woman swinging round the pole at a dumpy strip club in a poor rural area. I bet the club has the word *Heaven* in its name, too! This is a name that's nearly impossible to live up to.
― Anonymous User  2/7/2006
I find it comical that people have no problem naming their children names derived from the word "Heaven" but have a problem with the word itself.
That being said, it doesn't hurt to note mentally that names that are too lofty come with high emotional, physical, or moral expectations (Ceasar, Adonis, Aphrodite, Love, Beauty, King, Hades, Jesus, Chastity, Justice, Temperance, Faith). What if Faith is an atheist? Or King drops out of high school? I'd say this would make a good middle name, but giving a girl (or boy) a first name with such a loaded meaning comes with some disadvantages that are worth considering twice, thrice, beforehand.
― Anonymous User  4/18/2006
I absolutely love this name. Some may find it scandalous, blasphemous, trashy or pretentious, but I see it as a beautiful, wholesome and unique name. I personally don't believe one is obligated to live up to their name. (Now, "Jesus Christ" is a different story.) I'd be proud to wear this name if it were mine!
HoneyLoveShine  6/22/2006
This is Nevaeh spelled backwards! Lollerskates!
patchworkgirl  8/5/2006
This is like naming your child Hell.
Mama1  8/21/2006
This is child abuse, calling your wee girl Heaven.
ClaireCFC  11/4/2006
I've been a Heaven since I was born in 1974. I find everyone's comments highly amusing. You're all correct. I just hope I never become a stripper.
― Anonymous User  11/6/2006
I met someone named Heaven before. She was anything but heavenly. You really can't correctly judge a person by their name. I, personally, would never use this name, but other people love it. Keep in mind that innocent little girls are named this by no fault of their own and see the comments that people put about their name. They could end up feeling embarassed, even worthless.
dreadfulxsorry  11/16/2006
To all those who are harshly critizing this name, do remember that someone's name does not fully tell what type of person you are. You could be given a name that means anything, most parents usually choose something that tickles their ears when they say it out loud. Oh dear, I am rambling! Well anyway, the name Heaven is a gorgeous name; it seems to fly off my tounge when I say it. This name does not point specifically to the Kingdom of Heaven, but it rather gives off a warm feeling of kindness (almost like a source of security or, as the name means, paradise). I do enjoy this name very much, and I think it is quite beautiful. But this is just the opinion of a naive child.
Purity  11/17/2006
I can't really say I like this name. It's sorta nice but something about it bugs me. That's just my opinion. It's up to you what to name your kids. Heaven isn't that bad.
scarletquillraven  12/18/2006
I call this desecration of Paradise and abuse of your child; it sounds like a name for a prostitute! Sure, Heaven is a lovely place, but this? Are the parents too lazy to learn a real name or are they so enraptured by their daughter that they can't think of any word other than this? This is setting your daughter up for teasing and the possibility that she'll turn to drugs and/or prostitution to live past her absurd, unrealistically "pure" name.
gaelruadh19  12/28/2006
My daughter's name was Heaven Hope. I named my daughter Heaven for the places she was going and Hope for the hope she would not. Everyone name has a reason behind it in some form. To name a child Heaven just seems to have a deeper meaning to the parents than others I have found out. To the ones that are just saying bad things about this name: I wonder if your parents put as much thought and love in to your name as the parents that choose Heaven.
― Anonymous User  1/19/2007
In the Bible Heaven is a place where God, and His angels dwell.
tigerlilly  1/20/2007
This is a porn star name.
michi_vane  2/13/2007
Heaven is the name of a beautiful song by DJ Sammy. "Baby you're all that I want then I'm lying here in your arms. I'm finding it hard to believe we are in Heaven. "
elliebeth  2/15/2007
No, I wouldn't name my daughter Heaven. Why? Because I live in Finland, I speak Finnish and so does everyone else in Finland (or, they SHOULD know how to speak it) and Heaven sounds absolutely stupid when you say it in the Finnish way. Poor girl would probably be teased in school, and I really don't want that for my own child.
If I will end up living in Britain or US etc. I might use Heaven as a middle name, because it's beautiful and it has a meaning - and it's always better than Nevaeh, anyway!
Yippal  3/30/2007
I would consider using this name. At least it does not have a bad meaning.
maggie_angel  4/29/2007
Hi my name is Heaven! I personaly love my name. For those of you who are saying that "Heaven" is going to grow to be a stripper and use drugs, and get teased at school, well all I gotta say is you need to stop freeloading off your parents and actualy go ouside and pay attention to your surroundings. Because that is not true. I have never gotten teased because of my name. Everybody that asked me what my name is I proudly said "Heaven" and everybody loves my name. I have a lot of friends, A LOT! And as for the drugs YUCK! I hate drugs, I barf at the smell of smoke from cigerettes! And as far as being a prostitute, what is wrong with you haters - I'm 16 and I'm a virgin. Don't get me wrong I have had boyfriends but I've had respectable relationships with them and they love going around saying "my girlfriend's name is Heaven." And they have always loved it. Now you "haters" out there have probably been told awful things in the past. But nobody has their character or future chosen for them, they have to choose it themselves. To blame it on someone else is just giving an excuse! So you haters stop giving yourselves excuses. I'm smart, I'm nice, I'm trustful, I'm lady like, I'm clean, I'm respectful, I'm very athletic (Soccer, Tennis, and Track) and all this is not said by me it's said by everyone who knows me. They also say I'm pretty. But I think it's what I do that makes me pretty and have a good character. So all you haters stop hating just because you can't have an awesome name like ours! By the way my first little girl (after I'm married), well her middle name is going to be Heaven!
Heaven Olmedo  5/4/2007
I don't like names created from vocabulary words as a rule, but at least it has a soft, pretty sound, and isn't as tacky as Nevaeh.
― Anonymous User  6/23/2007
Well, if you can name your kid "Hella"...
Jesus_Freak  6/24/2007
Heaven is also used in Japanese.
Miracle1980Olympics  7/19/2007
I don't like this name at all! It's like naming your daughter Precious, Treasure, or Princess. They all sound like names for a poodle or a stripper. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but seriously, don't name a child Heaven. There are some many other nice names out there.
― Anonymous User  7/31/2007
Beautiful name!
nareed  8/1/2007
I detest this name. Sure it sounds cute - until the child is no longer six. Can you imagine a Senator Heaven or a Doctor Heaven? Not as easily as I can imagine a stripper Heaven. Which is not to say that all Heavens become strippers, just to me it sounds like a stripper name.

And if I hear one more child named Heaven Leigh/Lee I'm going to barf at the lack of originality.
ZoeAliza  10/14/2007
Sorry to all people who are named Heaven or like the name, I detest it. I don't believe in Heaven and I think the whole idea of Heaven is rather childish. It's like a little kid believing in a fantasy world. To me, naming your kid this is a sign of a weird, childish person.
― Anonymous User  10/17/2007
I'm not Christian (I'm actually an Atheist Spiritualist!) but I love this name! I do prefer "Haven", as both sound and meaning, but I think some of you just come on here to cause trouble.
DontDissMadison  10/19/2007
I love this name! I am an atheist but that doesn't stop me liking names like Heaven & Faith. And I think it's stupid to say a person with this name will grow up to be a stripper or something like that, it's only a name. When I hear the name Heaven I certainly don't imagine a stripper.
xxlaurasxx  10/23/2007
I disagree that it means "paradise". It means "Heaven". Heaven is a paradise, but someone did not make up the word "Heaven". It's a real word. It was in the bible, for Heaven's sake! (pun not intended).
Brianna Angela  12/15/2007
The word 'Heaven' was not in the Bible; it is an English word and is used in your English TRANSLATION of the Bible to describe what you think of as Heaven, but it could just as easily be called 'paradise'. The term Paradise has also long since been used for 'Heaven'.
― Anonymous User  12/31/2007
Stairway to Heaven is a VERY popular song by Led Zeppelin (and my second-favorite song). Also, the last Queen album is called Made in Heaven (which is rather appropriate - it was released after the death of Freddie Mercury, their singer who died of AIDS four years before).
Pippin  3/16/2008
I don't like the name, but it is WAY better than Nevaeh.
― Anonymous User  3/26/2008
This seems like the type of name sappy, young, moderately to highly religious, lowly educated parents pick for their daughter in the afterglow of the birth and wind up regretting it when the poor girl gets made fun of and everyone assumes the family is trashy and ultra-religious to the point of being creepy. This is a tacky name, and I can imagine that it could lead to serious credibility problems.
slight night shiver  4/23/2008
This name is very tacky. Only Neveah is worse.
number1212  6/3/2008
Heaven is really corny. Why name your daughter after the place you go when you die? And don't forget the tacky combos Heaven Leigh, Heaven Sent, and Heaven Nevaeh. To put it simply, this isn't a name.
bananarama  7/14/2008
Who the hell would name his child Heaven? Thank God that in my country such "names" are prohibited by law!
― Anonymous User  8/22/2008
I don't have anything against people using this name even though I dislike it. The problem is, imagine you have a daughter named Heaven and then let's say you want her little sister to go to her. Then you'll have to yell "Come on, go to Heaven, go to Heaven". Or a teenage Heaven is working part time at the cinema while attending high school. And a customer asks where he can buy a ticket. Her co-worker can say "Oh, just go to Heaven". Those were probably not the best examples but you get what I mean. When you say to someone "go to Heaven" it's like saying "die". I mean it's better than "go to hell" but still not good. And yeah if you are religious Heaven is a place you go to when you die. So why name a child Heaven ? This isn't a terrible name but it does sound a bit trashy to me.
Lily8  8/25/2008
Heaven can be used on either gender. I really like it for both genders.
tigerlilly  9/29/2008
People will think I'm crazy, but so what? I LOVE THIS NAME. And Nevaeh too. Heaven and Nevaeh are the most beautiful names in the world for me!
― Anonymous User  8/3/2009
Extremely tacky and low-brow, and it almost always seems to be paired with a middle name like Leigh (i.e., Heavenly) or Angel. It sounds ridiculous as a person's name, and is often adopted by strippers and porn stars. This is one of those names I just can't picture paired with a last name. At least it's not Nevaeh.
Anyechka  8/12/2009
I think it is just EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY wrong to use this name. Heaven is a word with such a huge, deep meaning - it is too grand to use it as a name. I don't if it is just me but I REALLY, REALLY feel that it is not right to use this as a name. Names like Precious and Destiny are okay as they are not to do with religion but Heaven is a place you go to after you DIE I mean you'd be using it in vain.
starz26  4/14/2010
Yes, we get you are religious. Name your daughter Mary or Elizabeth! Don't torture her with this. And the same with Neveah, too!
Dawson  12/22/2010
Heaven was an Australian 1980s heavy metal band.

It's also the title of a song by Australian 1980s pop band Eurogliders.
keepitreal  1/5/2011
The name (and word) Heaven literally mean "sky" - as in the phrase "the heavens opened" (meaning that it rained).
keepitreal  1/5/2011
This name reminds me of the petting game Seven Minutes in Heaven.

The possibilities for crude jokes seem endless.

"Hey guys, let's all spend seven minutes in Heaven!"
keepitreal  1/6/2011
I named my little girl Heaven Leanna. My mother died in a car accident and her name was Anna. It might sound tacky, but when you say my child's name, it sounds like Heavenly Anna. I did it in honor of my dear mother. Well I think the name is pretty and everyone likes her name and no one makes fun of her, BUT my little girl is now 10 yrs old and she was just asking questions about how to get her name changed. I told her before picking Heaven Leanna, I was considering Savannah Elizabeth and now she wants me to call her Savannah.
― Anonymous User  6/6/2011
Hi, my name is Heaven Fay :) I was originally going to be named Erin, but when I was born my dad got tears in his eyes and said that I was more beautiful than anything on this earth, so he named me Heaven. I love my name for that reason, and also because it makes me different from everyone. I cannot believe that you guys are judging me and the person I am just by my name. I am a straight A student, I am abstinent until marriage, I have never smoked or drank in my life, and every one I meet instantly knows I am very sweet. If your name is Heaven and you have read these horrible comments, don't feel bad for even a second. Your name is beautiful and unique and absolutely flawless. Keep your head up sweetie, you are HEAVEN.
Heavenfay  7/22/2011
Y'know my name is Heaven. I don't plan on becoming a stripper, I plan on becoming part of the White Cross. I never had and never will use drugs in my life, and I never got teased for my name. People absolutely love my name. I have this friend named Heaven Leigh. She read these comments- the nice ones and the mean ones, and so did I. We were both offended. We love our names. For all the people who are reading this and are named Heaven then never get down about the hate comments. I did at first until I read the comment by Heavenfay. That got me to really love my name. So never let yourself get bullied by your name, if you ever do get bullied by it. And prove all the haters wrong!
Heaven McConaghy  1/1/2017
What if she turns out atheist?
FlakyMatt  1/11/2012
I like the name. My name is actually Heaven Lee Angel and I've never been teased about it. Everyone loves it and occasionally my parents will say it's ironic. People saying it's not to be used as a name, of course it is. It's a noun. A person is a noun. It makes a lovely name. Everyone who says the child will end up being a stripper is judging and generalizing everyone. They're stereotyping it. Stop being ignorant. I personally love my name. (:
heavenheavenseven  12/17/2012
I love this name a lot! It makes me think of golden Pearly Gates in front of a beautiful, sunny setting with clouds and angels flying around. It probably will begin to increase in popularity, but doesn't seem to have reached the Top 100# just YET... and that is ALWAYS a good thing when naming a baby, even if this website is not dedicated to baby names.
StarMoon  1/13/2013
I love the name Heaven. I was thinking about naming my first daughter that. Heaven Abigail [After one of my best friends] or Heaven Claire [after my little cousin]. I think Heaven is a beautiful name and anyone that was named it should be proud. I don't think Heaven is a stripper name or someone who does drugs/alcohol. I would name my daughter this because she is a precious gift from Heaven. And you shouldn't judge someone by their name. Get to know them. All Heavens are BEAUTIFUL. C;
littlered82  7/23/2013
Here is a story of how my daughter got her name. I was told awhile ago that I was unable to bear children. My spouse (now ex-spouse) wanted to have children very badly. He cheated on me in order to make that happen. I left him. I went halfway across the country back home. About a year after we separated, I was at the lowest of the low in my life. Drugs, parties, drinking, bars, and jail. I was at home one night and I prayed to God to help me. Help me out of the life I was living. I cried myself to sleep. A week later I found out that I was pregnant! I broke down in the Doctors office. I knew that this was what I needed for me to stop living the way I was. God had rained his Heavenly Grace upon me to give me what I needed. Her name is Heaven Lee Grace. She is 7-almost 8 years old now. She is the opposite of her name of course... more like a hellion. But that is not the point. The point is... her name is what she is.. she isn't going to grow up to be a stripper or a porn star. She is Heavenly Grace from God. He made her to save me and mine. She is a miracle from God. He had shown his heavenly grace to me and given me my own. Dont knock the name. It represents something that this world needs. Gods Heavenly Grace.
― Anonymous User  10/23/2013
Seriously the dumbest name you can give a kid. With Nevaeh a close second. Ick. I see strippers and pornos in her future.
― Anonymous User  10/24/2013
I don't know what you peoples problem is, but you've got some serious issues. Heaven Leigh is such a BEAUTIFUL name. Here you are talking about how people will get picked on because of their name and made fun of! It's their name, NOT YOURS! You don't choose their future! If they wanna be a stripper, they can be a stripper. If they wanna be a college graduate and have a good life, that's them! You guys have nothing to do with someone's name or future! You're not PSYCHIC! And if you THINK you know someone's future or life by even the SIGHT of their name, then you are a COMPLETE IDIOT! I know a very nice girl named HEAVEN LEIGH and SHE IS THE BRIGHTEST, most BEAUTIFUL GIRL, I HAVE EVER MET! You all make my stomach churn. I bet you would take a Heaven drug or have fun with a porn star! You can be one, WHATEVER! I DONT GIVE TWO CENTS ABOUT YOUR IGNORANT STUPID COMMENTS! I DONT CARE IF YOU EVEN HAVE A PROBLEM WITH MINE! I DONT CARE! You say"Heaven? More like HELL..." laugh laugh, type type snicker snicker, snort-IS WHAT YOU DO! Well I absolutely HOPE THAT'S WHERE YOU'RE GOING! Got a problem with this? Well... I DONT CARE!!!!
― Anonymous User  5/21/2014
The name Heaven is a wonderful name to bear, more especially where the parents are concerned. But let's not forget the feelings of the person that will bear such a name. It is a name that attracts immediately and people are bound to make all sorts of comments and place much expectations on them. How your child will hold up should be more important than what it means and hold for you as a parent, especially if the child turns out shy. Pray that there won't be tantrums in the house for a name change.
kpanato212  7/15/2014
I'm not a huge fan of "word" names, unless they're flowers or something. I think this one is kind of nice, though. But if you do like this name, please, please, DON'T MAKE THEIR MIDDLE NAME LEIGH, OR LEE! On its own, Heaven is an interesting, sweet kind of name, but in conjunction with Leigh it becomes a stripper name. Heaven Leigh, Heavenly? You're not as clever as you think you are when you name your kid that, and all you're doing is propagating tacky naming conventions.
― Anonymous User  10/19/2014
"Heaven" is a beautiful name. People name their child or children "Heaven" because it is a phenomenal name. People use it all the time. My name is Heaven. And to me it means lovely. Or godly. The name Heaven is in the bible. I LOVE THE BIBLE... so if anybody has anything bad about my name, speak or for ever hold your peace.
heaven112303  12/5/2014
This is Ruby's sister's name and she's 7. I don't know why my cousin and his gf named her this, but it is such a beautiful name. If any parent loves this name, don't be afraid to use it.
I love strange names  7/15/2015
As disliked as it is, I prefer Nevaeh to Heaven and Heavenly personally. I just can't imagine introducing myself as "Hi, I'm Heavenly," or "Hi, I'm Heaven."
― Anonymous User  9/6/2015
Hi my name is Heaven and some of these comments are extremely rude I just happen to love my name because very few are named Heaven and it is a beautiful name ☺.
heaven roach  9/13/2015
I was the first person ever to be named Heaven in my town. I live in a small town, & I was born in 2000. My middle name is Leigh and I was born a month and a half early, I was born with pneumonia, & I died twice. My name fits me quite well, I don't do drugs I I am a good kid. Yes you do have really high expectations to live with but it's a fun name to have because it makes your life interesting.
HeavenAlves  10/3/2015
First off, The name Heaven is supposed to essentially mean a paradise, like a Nirvana or Mashka or whatever religion you believe. Second of all, the name does not reveal one's personality; it's just a superficial way to identify a person. You look at the object and give it a name. Just as simple as looking at a tree and knowing it's a tree. You literally cannot know a human's character just by their name. People are complex. Unless of course you are that fraction of the human population that follows and believes everything. Point is, people are not just their names. They're many years of physiological development. Otherwise you're just being close minded and forgetting there's 7 billion people walking on earth with different personalities and development. Third of all, names are really only special to the parents. No one really cares if your name is Sunshine or Mario, only your parents do. So to everyone's parents, your name is special. It has some sentimental value because they chose that name for you. So everyone's name is special whilst being un-special. Depends on the perspective of it.
Heaven_you_mofos  2/1/2016
*laughs* Um, Hi. Yea, awkward. My name is Heaven. After looking at all your comments, I suppose you think I'm a slut? A drug abuser? Maybe you think I'm a porn star or I'm bullied. Think again. I'm fourteen and I haven't had my first kiss, or first boyfriend. Oh, is that surprising to you? Well just wait until you hear this: I have never been bullied. I am actually a very well liked person. I have many friends, good grades, play sports... But you wouldn't guess that, would you? All these comments about my name are pretty cruel. I bet your names are like Helen or something. Helen is a soccer mom name. Are you a soccer mom, HELEN? Hm? No? Oh frick'in shocker! Just like how I'm not some dancer on a pole! What?!?!?! So maybe you should think before you post these rude comments. Calling my parents idiots, how childish. Hey, take a reality check and grow up. Have a nice day frick'in Helen. Hope soccer goes well! Don't crash the mini van!
Heaven6262  2/14/2016
I highly doubt all these little girls in here are actually named Heaven.
― Anonymous User  2/26/2016
My name is Heaven. I was born in 1975. I know of another woman named Heaven and she was born in 1974, although I didn't connect with her until a couple years ago on Facebook.

I love my name, but it is a huge name to live up to. People think that, just because my name is Heaven, that I should be extra perfect or something. I'm human like you. I make mistakes. I am not always pleasant. I'm "normal" like everyone else. I'm not a stripper, lol. Never plan to be.

I did get teased as a child. High school was the worst. As an adult, I love my name. Growing up, I did not. My parents were accused of blaspheming God because they named me this. A grandma even disowned my mom. I guess this name is more common now, so you may not get as much backlash now for naming your kid Heaven.

But expect odd pronunciations (even though, duh, it's sounded like and spelled like "Heaven") And expect your child to be called: Heather, Kevin, Helen, Haven.
heavsparks  3/7/2016
It's a very rare name- it's not even in the top 1000 baby girl names. That is how rare it is and you guys are being rude. My name is Heavenlea and I was born on Christmas. I can tell you all about how proud I am to have a rare name. It is so rare that people often mispronounce and misspell it.
heavenleamarie1  5/5/2016
Heaven as a place is a pretty cool place, being that it's where the Lord our God lives.

As a name, it sounds silly and almost blasphemous. It should not be a name and all the girls given this name will probably have problems being taken seriously, for reasons outlined by other users. It just won't age well.

As for the poster above me who said Heaven isn't in the top 1000, that is false. In the United States (the only country that goes to 1, 000 ranks), it is currently ranked #338 in 2014, which is not only on the top 1, 000, but it's higher than 66% of the names on the chart. Heavenlea is not in the top 1, 000, but Heaven, the name she mentioned as not being there, is pretty high up. And it's not rude to state one's opinion in a civil manner. Personal attacks are rude, but stating an opinion is not.

Sorry if I started a fight, and I'm sorry if I offended any of the Heavens, Heavenlys, and others out there.
YITYNR  5/5/2016
People name boys names that mean God, so why can't girls be named Heaven? Also if spelled backwards is Neveah, which has just as much conspiracy around it. Everyone is picky about girl's names but not boy's. Also use: Eden.
Eileen1209864  5/5/2016
I Love, love the name Heaven. I named the baby girl that I lost during pregnancy Heaven Rose. When I heard the name I was convinced this was the name I wanted for my baby girl. I was told by a medium she loves her name.
Cheri scott333  5/7/2016
Arrogant name to give your child.
Luvbug86  5/10/2016
Just take off the he part and use Aven (said as ay-vin), it's a much better name.
― Anonymous User  5/10/2016
It's barely better than the "name" Nevaeh, and it sounds really corny. These modern virtue names will age really horribly.
Buneary  6/10/2016
Hello everyone, first of all may I say HOORAY and YAAY! To us all having the common interest of ETYMOLOGY to bring us together! It's so nice to know there are other "word nerds" like me out and about. So thank you!

Now, to digress to the topic at hand, Heaven personified as a given name...
My personal impression is, "AWWWWW, how sweet.."
Then, "hmmm that's different, hmm I wonder what their parents were thinking using such a BOLD name for such a little human. This should be interesting to see how this influences the child it is put upon."
And overall the term itself only brings thoughts of beauty, peace, rest and God. All good, positive & pleasant.
To all the negative notions & commentators I will pray for your inner hurt to fade away so as to not be so hurtful to others. Because to take such a universally good word/name as Heaven and pervert its connotations 180 degrees is just sad, and frankly, doing this merely reflects the hurt of the nay sayers.

In conclusion, I must admit that being named Heaven myself in 1990, I feel truly fortunate and honored to be one of the pioneering children gifted with this name. Thank you to my parents.
TheHCF  7/12/2016
Just go with Heather.
Luvbug86  9/2/2016
Hi my name is Fariha Shawlin Heaven. It's a rare and unique name. People of my country often get confused if this is my real name or not! First of all I love my name. Whenever someone asks my name I proudly say Heaven. I'm not getting it why most of you are saying negative things about this name. I was born in 1998. My mother chose this lovely name for me and I do love it.
Fariha Heaven  9/17/2016
Though I'm not a fan of virtue and religious names and the fact that I dislike this name, I'd prefer this over "Nevaeh".
― Anonymous User  11/13/2016
Heaven and Hell is a band.
ERK  12/16/2016
Heaven happens to be the name of someone I care deeply about and as it turns out, I'm that person. My name has always made me feel special and different. I think if a person can name their child Gay Cocks then there is nothing wrong with the name Heaven. Especially given that a child's name is chosen by other people in the world who are not them so they have no input in the matter unfortunately. It's not like they came out saying "Yeah, I want to be named..." Also, I love it how this conversation has been going on since the year 2005. I hope it continues, and I'd like to say HELLO to all the future Heavens. You are beautiful and unique and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
― Anonymous User  2/25/2017
Kind of tacky, but there's worse. Just don't name your child Heaven Lee Grace or something similar.
― Anonymous User  6/14/2017
My adopted daughter already had the name Heaven so we didn't really have a choice as she was too old to change it (and she loves it so that's what counts!) but we did change her middle name.
Sorry to burst your bubble... The world got another Heaven Lee Grace! Her choice!
She picked it... She loves it. End of story.
― Anonymous User  6/30/2017
For those who said that naming your child Heaven is like naming them hell, you are wrong! Heaven is way more prettier than hell. Heaven is majestic; Hell is terrible. The name Haven is very pretty.
merlin wordsworth  9/15/2017
My sister's name is Heaven Leigh. A lot of people think people with the name Heaven will do drugs or become pornstars and strippers but you shouldn't judge someone by their name.
alayna_awesome  11/2/2017
Heaven is a warrant song.
XironDarkstar  11/24/2017
I think every ignorant person who's saying "Heaven" is a stripper name, a drug addict name, a pornstar name, etc. is absolutely wrong! I'm sure there are some women named Heaven who've decided to do that with their lives but to tie their idiocy to their name is really stupid of you.
Heaven_Marshmallowz  12/9/2017
My name is Heaven and I'm 11. I don't really get why everyone on this forum hates the name. I never get bullied and people always call me Heavenly or Heaven Lee because Lee is my middle name and everyone is really nice to me ^-^.
Heaven Lee  1/8/2018
My name is Heaven. My mom calls me Heavenly because my middle name is Lea... and I am nice and I'm called Heavy sometimes...(◕ヮ◕ヽ.
Heavenly.Otteson  1/30/2018
Heaven sounds like a stripper name tbh. but i know a Heaven and i can tell you right now ..... she's crazyyyy! so to all the Heaven's out there. GO STRIPPER GO!
― Anonymous User  5/17/2018

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