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In Estonia Heino has become an independent form, originally deriving from the German Heinrich. This name exists in Finnish as well; the vowel combination and O ending make this name sound classically Finnic.
riina  2/18/2005
Famous bearer: German singer Heino (born Heinz Georg Kramm, 13 December 1938, Düsseldorf).
― Anonymous User  2/9/2006
Heino Ferch (born 1963) is a German actor famous for playing Albert Speer in Downfall, and also the gangster Ronnie in the Cult film Run Lola Run.
Caledonia558  2/2/2009
I always thought that this was from the Finnish word heinä which means hay. But that's just my association, since they sound similar, not the correct or variant source or anything.
― Anonymous User  4/14/2010
I guess this name would be fine in a non-English country, but the spelling reminds me of the word "heinous", which means "utterly odious or wicked".
― Anonymous User  5/2/2013
Derivative from "heinä" meaning hay in finnish. Parents named their sons Heino so he would be a very hard working hay scyther.
eastsiderider  5/16/2014
Finnish pronunciation:


While "HE-no" (also "HEY-no") is the simple explanation for Heino, the "-ei-" is actually more of a "eh-ee" (both vowels are full ("HE-EE-no"), though most people without knowledge of the Finnish language probably wouldn't notice due to the fluidity and speed in which it is said). "O" is slightly blunted. [noted -ed]
Francesca  7/22/2014

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