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Ermione is also the name of an character from the Italian telefilm La meglio gioventù. In Italy it is a rare name.
― Anonymous User  9/27/2018
Famous for Harry Potter's friend Hermione Granger. It sounds 'Her-MY-o-nee' but in Korea, translator translated it wrong to 'Her-mee-on-neu'. It sounds totally different. I was slightly confused during the first Harry Potter movie, the sorcerer's stone, when I heard Hermione introducing herself 'Her-MY-o-nee' after I read the book in Korean. I think everbody who read the book in Korean would have. Anyway, I don't really blame the translator because the name Hermione was difficult and confusing to pronounce. Besides, in the interview, author J. K. Rowling heard this situation and said she preferd this pronunciation more. :p
Lilybellflower  9/23/2015
St. Hermione of Ephesus was a doctor and the daughter of St. Philip the Deacon.
mymymetrocard  2/9/2015
Hermione is also mentioned in John Milton's Paradise Lost (Book 9). He is referring to the mythical Hermione, Cadmus's wife, founders of Thebes, who were turned into serpents when they went to Illyria.
Author-in-Training  11/4/2010
A famous bearer of this name is British television and radio presenter Hermione Cockburn (b. 1973, Sussex, England). I also think this is a wonderfully lovely name. :)
walesgal92  4/3/2010
Hermione is usually associated with the book and movie series 'Harry Potter', but actually, what comes to mind when I think of the name is one of the minor characters from my favourite cartoon, 'Mike, Lu, & Og'. Hermione is a Cuzzlewit girl. (The Cuzzlewits are the people who live on the other side of the island that the show takes place on.) In the episode, 'The Three Amigas', Lu gets jealous when Mike and Hermione become friends.
LittleMissWeekender  5/3/2009
Jean Racine wrote a play called "Andromaque" (French for Andromache) in which Hermione (daughter of Menelaus and Helene) is a main character. Orestes is in love with her but she's in love with Pyrrhus who's in love with Andromache who still loves her late husband. In the end, Hermione asks Orestes to kill Pyrrhus and when he does, she rejects him (because he killed the man she loved), and Orestes becomes insane. Hermione has quite a temper in this play.

Before Harry Potter, Hermione was in France an example of a furious lover who becomes murderous when her love is rejected. People who know the name by this play aren't likely to name their daughter Hermione!
Marie-Amelie  7/7/2008
In 1945's film "Brief Encounter", actress Nuna Davey has a brief role (pun not intended) as Mary's cousin "Hermione". This is an example of one of the few usages of this name in the media.
tu_es_faux  3/7/2008
The daughter of Helen of Troy and Menelaus was called Hermione. When Helen was kidnapped by/ran off with Prince Paris of Troy, she took Hermione's baby brother, Nicostratus, with her, but left Hermione behind. Interesting to wonder what Hermione was doing for ten years while the rest of her family was in Troy.
Luanna  1/29/2008
In the poem "La pioggia nel pineto" the famous Italian poet Gabriele D'annunzio speaks with a fictitious woman named Ermione (Italian version of the name), pronounciated er-MEEO-neh.
dori89  8/29/2007
Hermione is also the title of an autobiographical novel written by H.D. or Hilda Doolittle, it is actually written like HERmione. The main character is named Hermione Gart.
Vraiment  6/16/2007
British actresses Hermione Gingold and Hermione Baddeley (who, unfortunately, detested each other).
Kosta  6/1/2007
Hermione is a used in a story written by William Shakespeare. In the story she dies when she faints when her husband Leonates accuses her of loving another man. I read the twenty tales of Shakespeare and it is very good. I hope you read it.
letsgopens  5/29/2007
Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen's youngest daughter is called Hermione.
.Megan.Shaelyn.  5/20/2007
Several characters in various Agatha Christie novels are named Hermione.
black_lace  1/3/2007
Hermione is perhaps the female name for Hermes. It's difficult to pronounce and unpopular, but a good and very rare name. Famous bearers are the main character in Shakespeare's 'Winter's Tale' and of course a female leading character in JK Rowling's Harry Potter series.
bean  6/11/2006
Hermione Norris is a well known British actress (played Karen Marsden in TV series "Cold Feet" and Carol Jordan in "Wire in the Blood").
Ylva  6/10/2006
In Archie comics, heiress Veronica Lodge's mother is named Hermione.
Labonne  1/9/2006
I first saw this name in the title of a David Bowie song - Letter to Hermione - (he never actually sings it, so for years I mispronounced it). Then along came Harry Potter (which I'm a fan of, but still).
― Anonymous User  12/13/2005
Not only is this name a Shakespearean character, it is also a great, dark main belt asteroid. It was discovered 5/12/1872 by J. C. Watson. He named it Hermione after the daughter of Helen and Melelaus in Greek mythology. So think about this before naming your girl "great dark main belt."
Tbird  6/24/2005
It is also the name for J. K. Rowling's lead female character in the hit series "Harry Potter".
oliviba  12/23/2004
Hermione Granger's middle name is Jean.
― Anonymous User  8/6/2011

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