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The name of a long poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, who just happens to be an ancestor of mine.
-- Surreal  1/6/2007
The town in which I live is called Lake Hiawatha.
-- Izartrix  8/9/2007
Not technically a famous bearer, but in my town there is a lake called Lake Hiawatha.
-- thecookiemonster  2/5/2009
Mentioned in "Wig Wam Bam" by the Sweet.
-- MoonAgeDaydreamer  4/9/2009
Used as a derogatory term for Native Americans.
-- MoonAgeDaydreamer  7/24/2009
Afro-British composer Samuel Coleridge Taylor (1875-1912) named his daughter Hiawatha.
-- Anonymous User  8/5/2009
Name of the day: 2nd April 2013.
-- Eretria  4/2/2013
To me it sounds like a girl's name, but I think any person named Hiawatha would be judged. It's definitely out there. I think it is a really cool name, but I would never name my child that.
-- lilpimpteller  2/11/2015
This name is also the name of a Mohawk chief.
-- LMS  7/12/2015
The Hiawatha Belt is a symbol of the Iroquois Confederacy and used in art and imagery and flags. It has a lot of cultural significance.
-- jaspje  3/22/2016

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