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It's pronounced hee-day-yoh-shee, all syllables evenly stressed.
Zenith87  7/19/2008
Reminds me of the word hideous.
Hushpuppy  7/19/2009
Hideyoshi sounds very strong to me and doesn't sound like hideous at all.
D.Scott  7/22/2009
Hideyoshi Kinoshita is a character from Baka and Test.
xgirl  7/19/2015
Hideyoshi Nagachika (Hide) is a character from the anime Tokyo Ghoul.
daimcdonald  8/3/2015
Hideyoshi Akita is a former Japanese football player.
lilolaf  2/22/2017
Sounds like what Mario would say to Yoshi in a game of hide and seek.
GiJeff  1/9/2018
Pronounced "hee-deh-yo-shee", so I doubt so. I've never heard anyone pronounce "hide" in English as "hee-deh"
Try again, bud.
mememan28  4/21/2018

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