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Hind was not name of the wife of prophet Muhammad. It was name of a sahabi Abu Sufian. Fame behind this name is cruelity with the dead body of suhabi Ameer Hamza (a commander & general from Muslim Army at that time).
* the word suhabi or sahabi means a person who has met or seen personally to the prophet Muhammad (in this context).
yasirmcs  1/11/2005
To be more specific Hind is a group of camels that reach to a 100. It is also a well known fact that one of the prophet's wives was called Hind Bint Abi Omaya (Umm Salamah). The name itself was never known for its cruelty, it was rather the cruelty of one of its bearers.
Hind  5/31/2005
Not the name of one of Mohammad's (sws) wives, rather the name of a woman who sought vengence from him for the death of her family/relatives, she later became a strong Muslim. In essense the name Hinid or Hind means "strong woman," "female leader," and/or "warrior."
― Anonymous User  1/20/2005
I heard that Hind was associated with the prophet, or the prophet's tribe. But, in any case, that she was clairevoyant and foresaw the coming of enemies some 40 days away from their community to destroy them. She warned the elders of her vision and they were dubious. They did, however, send out sentries who confirmed her vision, and they made preparations which saved the tribe from the oncoming invasion.
hind_la_ha  7/4/2005
This was not the name of one of the wives of the prophet Mohammad, peace and blessing of Allaah be upon him, but the name of the wife of one of his companions (Abu Sufian ibin Harb).
alwaleed  12/16/2007
A hind is your rear end.
bananarama  7/12/2008
A famous bearer is model Hind Sahli.
Antique_Cherub  11/8/2010
Hend or Hind it can be spelled both ways, it's an Arabic name meaning the country India. In Arabic they say Hend, in English they say India. Hend=India (understand?) it doesn't mean camels or anybody's wife. I don't know where you get your information but you should change the meaning because it is completely WRONG!
filomena97  11/9/2010
My name is Hend, it's an Arabic name and I'm Arab.. It doesn't mean the country "India"! It's so stupid of anyone to think that it could mean that XD
Actually India = Al-Hend NOT Hend and don't tell me it's the same!

The truth is our ancestors (old Arab) used to call the convoy of camels "Hend" (usually about 100 to 200 camels). We don't use this word anymore! Instead, we use "Qafela".. And it's true that one of the prophets' wives was named Hend (Um Salamah).
It also a name for the sword (besides Al-Saif).
And I heard some southern Arab call the grilled corn Hend.
Handa  8/6/2014
The name means "India" in Arabic.
MikeCrichton  6/14/2011
It means a hundred camels.
alkhabir  7/31/2012
My question is, does the word HIND means GREENISH? OR HOW DO YOU CALL GREENISH LAND?
― Anonymous User  11/29/2014
It was indeed the name of one of the prophet's wives (saw). Umm Salama is a kunya, her name was Hind bint Abi Ummayah. And yes, it does mean "India" in classical Arabic. At that time it was seen as an exotic land and the name, when given to a female (some males were called Hind too) was with the expectation that she would become a lavish woman with an expensive dowry. Khadidja (ra) also had children, boy and girl that were named Hind, before the ones she had with Rasulullah (saw).
FatimaMaryam  4/1/2016
Old Arab time...
Hud with the ʿĀd tribe.
Hind or Hend or Heber or Hud name of the prophet mentioned in the Quran.
Hud (/huːd/; Arabic: هود‎‎) is the name of a prophet of ancient Arabia, who is mentioned in the Qur'an. The eleventh chapter of the Qur'an, Hud, is named after him, though the narrative of Hud comprises only a small portion of the chapter-11:50–60.

Hud has sometimes been identified with Eber, an ancestor of the Israelites who is mentioned in the Old Testament.
He is said to have been a subject of a kingdom named after its founder, ʿĀd, a fourth generation descendant of Noah (his father being Uz, the son of Aram, who was the son of Shem and a son of Noah. The other tribes claimed to be present at this time in Arabia, were the Thamud, Jurhum, Tasam, Jadis, Amim, Midian, Amalek Imlaq, Jasim, Qahtan, Banu Yaqtan and others.
"Hind" or "Hend" meaning "Rich".
"Hind" or "Hend" meaning "Noble", Nobleman or Noblewoman.
A person belongs to royal family is called "Hind" or "Hend".
The owner of usually about 100 to 200 camels or "The owner of Karwan".
It means the rich man or rich woman or royalty!
Nawab  8/14/2016
1) Another possible meaning of the name is "India" without the definitive article "Al" as this is the pronunciation in Arabic.
2) The story of eating the liver of Hamza, lord be pleased of him is not authentic in any way. The narration that claims so has about three problems with it.
Black  9/4/2016
The name Hind refers to the country India as it has the same spelling in Arabic. Arabs would call their daughters Hind with the meaning of "brunette" as reference to people from India that have dark hair and dark skin. Arabs also call Hind above a hundred camels as this animal is very cherished in the Arab culture. The sahabi abi-soufian's wife was named Hind, but after the death of her husband after their conversion to Islam, she married the prophet of Muslims Muhammed and is referred as in Islam by the name of "oum salma". Hind wife of abi-soufiane was known for fighting Muslims and Islam but after converting to Islam and her husband they made peace and entered the history of Muslims.
― Anonymous User  11/9/2016
The name Hind is not the name of prophet Mohammed's (sws) wives but is the name of a powerful strong female leader who ate hamza's liver soon after she became a better Muslim but thinking of Hind as a word and not a name it means a group of camels that come up to 100.
Hindx  8/5/2017
Hind in ancient arabic means the country of India and its people, it also means above 200 camels in such way that a big number of camels could bring all India to Arabia because India then was sort of the center of the world. Hind also means 200 years and hounaida is 100 years. Hind also means the sword from indian iron and the masculine appelation in this case is Mouhannad. And yes Hind was one of the prophet Muhammad's wives and yes she is the same Hind that killed Othman, she married prophet Mouhammad after her husband abi soufiane's death and this of course years later after abi soufiane and Hind bint oumaya both became muslims and prophet's partisans.
― Anonymous User  12/8/2017

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