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Hiroko Shimabukuro, best known mononymously as Hiro, is a Japanese singer. She debuted as a member of the popular girl group Speed in 1996. In 1998, Hiro released her first solo song, "Mitsumete Itai", as a B-side to Speed's single "All My True Love". She made her official solo debut in 1999 with the single "As Time Goes By", which sold 800, 000 copies in Japan.
lilolaf  7/14/2017
Hiroko Mima is a Japanese fashion model, athlete, beauty queen and Miss Universe Japan 2008. She represented Japan at Miss Universe 2008 and placed Top 15.
cutenose  6/27/2017
Hiroko Kuniya is a Japanese news presenter and journalist. Kuniya was born in Osaka Prefecture and graduated from International School of the Sacred Heart in 1975 and then Brown University with majors in international relations and international economics. In 1981, she began to work as a news caster and writer for the English-language broadcasts of NHK television's Seven O'clock News. Starting in 1986, she served as a researcher in the United States for NHK Special. Later assignments included satellite and ground network news shows, including Asia Now, which was picked up in the U.S. by Public Broadcasting Service.
cutenose  5/6/2017
Hiroko Hayashi is a Japanese actress, singer and tarento. Hiroko Hayashi made her TV-drama debut in Tabiji in 1965. She debuted as a singer in 1974. In 1979, she married Hisao Kurosawa, a film producer whose father was Akira Kurosawa, but later they divorced. They have three children. She also has three grandchildren by her eldest daughter Yu Kurosawa.
cutenose  1/15/2017
There's a girl named Hiro Miyamoto that Buddhathebob created.
Milkweeddragon  7/19/2015
Hiroko Haruna (known as Laura Haruna) is the name of a character in the anime series, "Tottoko Hamutaro" (Hamtaro). She's Hamtaro's owner.
CHiFFON  8/2/2008

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