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I really like this name. I do think the variant Annora is more elegant and "user-friendly" though.
Kitten  1/19/2007
That is one very cool name!
7up  1/27/2007
In the United States we spell it "Honor". (Note without the extra "u".)
CharlieRob  8/21/2007
I think it is a beautiful name but the girl would definitely get teased because Honour sounds like "on her". (Did you get on her? Everyone got on her cause she's a slut!)
pandasayscynical  11/18/2007
Not exactly famous, but there was a character in the television series "Kingdom" named Honour O'Sullivan.
― Anonymous User  4/21/2008
Come on, people. I think we all know what the Puritans' definition of 'honor' was, at least when it came to females. This is the sort of name people who wished their daughter would never have sex used to choose for their daughter, and the negative legacy still lives on. The name isn't particularly pretty anyway, in fact, it's quite ugly. It's also pompous. However, it doesn't really sound that much like ''on her'' if you really strecth the first syllable like many Americans do, so it's ''AAAAH-ner'' rather than ''ON-er''. Of course, you probably wouldn't do that in British English, and you wouldn't bother with this spelling if you wanted the American version.
slight night shiver  6/2/2008
This is one of my favorite girls' names. I live in the US, but prefer Honour to Honor. I'd call her Nora to get away from that "on her" thing. I hate it when horrible nicknames ruin lovely names!
Corae  8/9/2008
No matter how you spell it, Honor/Honour is a crappy name that shows the parents are sexist and want their daughter to remain a virgin or else she'll ruin the family name, not to mention the name of the "wonderful" man who raped her!
bananarama  8/18/2008
What does Honour (the name or the virtue) have to do with sex? The above comments are just ridiculous. Number one, Puritans wanted their daughters to make respectable marriages in which they could be blessed with children. Yes, they only approved of sex within the confines of marriage, but that was standard for the time. Also, to be honourable is not synonimous with being virginal. All that being said, I think it is a lovely name.
KrisMichelle  10/28/2008
I wouldn't use this name, because it reminds me of so-called honour killings.
― Anonymous User  2/16/2010
I agree with slight night shiver and bananarama. You only need to look at female Puritan virtue names to know exactly what was expected of women. Such examples are 'Honour', 'Modesty', 'Obedience', 'Purity', 'Virtue', 'Silence', etc. More ancient examples are 'Fly-Fornication' and 'Abstinence'. I am glad those aren't used today!

Anyway, I don't think Honour sounds nice in any accent. I understand it has other meanings, but in terms of Puritans, virtues and religions, it refers to a woman's reputation for being a virgin, which isn't a good association anyway.
ListenToAsuka  10/15/2011
Goodness gracious, quite a serious and touchy complex associated with purity and virginity going on here. Don't know where that came from. OK, let's stop tarring and feathering the Puritans here and think about this logically and rationally. There's no need to lose our heads over this.

This has to do with morals and right and wrong and we all know that. That's the root of the frustration here. It's not about a family's wish for their daughter to "remain a virgin." It actually has quite a broad meaning. Go look it up.

Lastly, I wouldn't let any association with "honour killings" ruin a perfectly good name. If we applied that to every word used by or associated with Muslims, there would be a lot of ousted words.
Amanda Frances  1/23/2012
A small correction: so-called honour crimes are certainly not unique to Muslim communities.
― Anonymous User  7/6/2012

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