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Only a nickname for Jan. Not an official name.
― Anonymous User  7/10/2006
Honza´s nicknames are Honzík, Hoňa ("Haw-nia"), Hans, Honzin, Honík, Honda, Hanuš, Hannes.
Karcoolka  5/14/2007
Pronounced as "Hawn-ZAH".
Karcoolka  6/10/2007
Honza Jírová was a fictional character of the series "O ztracené lásce". She was played by Danica Jurčová.
Emilie007  5/28/2008
Honza Opelík is fictional character from the TV show "Dobrá čtvrť" (2005). He was played by Pavel Trojan.
Emilie007  9/3/2008
Honza Majer is fictional character from the TV series "Arabela" (1980). He was played by Ondřej Kepka.
Emilie007  10/5/2008
Honza Nedvěd, folk singer
Honza Polák, footballer
Honza Homola, singer (member of rock band Wohnout)
Honza Dědek, lyricist
Honza Vyčítal, folk singer
Honza Toužimský, singer (member of rock band Arakain)
Honza Vedral, editor
Emilie007  10/5/2008
Honza Bláha is a fictional character from the movie "Dívka na koštěti" (1971). He was played by Jan Hrušínský.
Emilie007  12/26/2008
Honzík Tichý is a fictional character from the movie "Honzíkova cesta" (1956). He was played by Miroslav Červenka.
MaggieSimpson  1/18/2009

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