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Hope is a very sweet name. I love it.
Mommy2B  5/4/2005
To me Hope means there's always a chance for a fresh start.
ladybug77  7/16/2005
Hope is what we all need at some time in our life.
jestina  7/19/2005
Hope is the title of the second book in Lori Copeland's Brides of the West series. It's one of my favorite books!
― Anonymous User  8/21/2005
My daughter was born Feb 11/05. Her name was going to be Jade at first, however when she was born 2 months early we switched her middle name to her first name. Hope just suited our situation and we needed all the Hope (no pun intended) we could get.
payton2323  8/26/2005
Brad Garrett and his wife Jill Diven have a daughter named Hope (born 2000).
AndrewJKD  1/3/2006
Hope is also the last thing Pandora released from the box in Greek mythology. A beautiful name.
― Anonymous User  2/28/2006
I love the name Hope. Not only it has a beautiful meaning, it sounds great as a name. A good friend of mine has a daughter called Hope, and everyone usually calls her Hopie. It's such a cute name!
angelsariel  4/24/2006
Hope is a cute name. The meaning is very nice and it is a name that you could grow up with.
― Anonymous User  4/25/2006
The Bulgarian and the Russian equivalent of "Hope" is "Nadejda" (with Latin letters it could be also written "Nadezhda").
iva_toneva  6/11/2006
This name is lovely. It has nothing wrong with it.
olivia717  6/20/2006
I just could not see an 80 year old called Hope but it suits a little kid.
Philippa  9/11/2006
Hope is definitely a GREAT name!
dbullis  11/14/2006
It's a beautiful name, but I think it's better used as a middle name. Either way, I love it.
dreadfulxsorry  11/16/2006
Hope was the main character in 'Hope was Here' by Joan Bauer.
lily2040  11/22/2006
This name is adorable! This would be a great name for a child born in a hurricane. Anyways, Hope and Faithe would be great names as a twin set!
Taydbug112  12/7/2006
Hope is my maiden name, and now my daughter's middle name. My great grandmother always referred to her as "my little Hope." To this day I am still called Hope instead of my given name by several of my friends, and I love it. The world can always use a little Hope! But as much as I love the name, and love being called Hope, I do prefer it as a middle or nickname.
causegirl  3/20/2007
I think Hope is a beautiful name, it also makes a pretty middle name. ♥
x3ThatGurlAmberx3  3/26/2007
So beautiful, and the meaning is gorgeous.
Yippal  4/9/2007
Actress Miley Cyrus's real name is Destiny Hope Cyrus.
― Anonymous User  6/10/2007
Katharine McPhee's middle name is Hope, also. Katharine Hope McPhee.
silverstardust  7/30/2007
What a nice name! If you plan on having two girls you can name them Hope and Faith. :)
80226_hottie  8/10/2007
I love the name Hope, so does my sister and a really good friend does too. My sister wants a Hope Charity, I want a Jennifer Hope, and my friend wants a Hope Elizabeth.
― Anonymous User  8/29/2007
Not too fond of it, but it is cute as a middle name.
Patricia Underwood  2/6/2008
I tend to love virtue names. This is definitely one of them. Adorable.
Sarah Elizabeth  2/16/2008
This is a pretty name, but I think naming twin girls Hope and Faith is really cheesy.
jasmineenimsaj  2/27/2008
Hope Sandoval was the lead singer of Mazzy Star.
― Anonymous User  3/10/2008
I used to dislike the name, as it's quite plain and not particularly pretty, but I've warmed up to it. It's totally overused as a middle name, though, and always associated with Chrstianity because of the ''faith, hope, love'' mantra, which are my reasons for not wanting to use it. However, hope as a concept is underrated. It's not a religious or spiritual thing; it's an absolute universal necessity for mental well-being. Everything will seem pointless without it.
slight night shiver  4/23/2008
@slight night shiver

Right on. I feel the same way. My first name is Hope and I cringe when someone asks me if my name is a Christian name. They cringe when I tell them that I worship the earth, trees, universe. My parents were hippies and they just "dug" the name, man. Hope is a feeling an optimist gets when they aren't in control of a situation. Anyway, I know you don't read comments from people on here but I'm commenting anyway. I'm a rebel like that.
Eclectichope  3/1/2016
In theory I don't really care for virtue names but this one is gorgeous to me and I can even imagine using it in real life.
pennycarroll  5/13/2008
The three sextuplet girls fron Jon and Kate Plus 8 have the middle names Hope, Faith and Joy. I think that is very cute and true, you need hope and faith to raise sextuplets and it will be a joy! :)
carly_ann  6/25/2008
Yes, a verry pretty name of course. However, I see it as an extremely weak and delicate name. Not the name I would choose for the strong young women I "hope" my baby daughter will be.
Daisy Miller  7/28/2008
This is my favorite of the Puritan virtue names. It sounds like the name of a sweet, sincere girl or woman.
faye  1/24/2009
Hope is a beautiful concept and indeed an underrated one, and it sounds lovely as a name.
bananarama  8/17/2009
Hope is just beautiful. Enough said, I love it.
italiannames  9/24/2009
Actually, I take what I said about Hope on Esperanza back. Though it doesn't have the majesty of Esperanza, Hope is a very pretty name and a beautiful concept. I'll always remember the Pandora's box story, where, at the very bottom of the box, lay hope. It seem the Greeks considered hope to be as dangerous as all the world's evils. But without hope to accompany all their troubles, humanity was filled with despair. So, to all the Hopes out there, wear it proud.

Oh, and the Russian and Basque forms Nadezhda and Itxaro are beautiful names too.
― Anonymous User  11/6/2009
Just to let you know, this name is also masculine too.
iflyboy02  3/24/2010
Aw. Hope is a beautiful name. If I ever have a daughter I might call her Hope Rose. And actually, I could imagine it on on an 8Oyearold woman.
― Anonymous User  6/1/2010
I used to not like it but now I think it's really pretty. =]
Chrila96  12/18/2010
There's a small Alaskan town called Hope. :) It's near Anchorage and is a popular break for the residents. :)
Emily Cheeseface  12/21/2010
Raising HOPE is the title of a new show on Fox.
adrenalinekat  12/23/2010
Let's not forget the character Hope from Thirty-something.
― Anonymous User  3/26/2011
Hope Anderson is a contestant in the Miss America 2012 pageant. She represents Louisiana.
― Anonymous User  1/12/2012
The baby girl at the center of the FOX sitcom "Raising Hope" has her name (mercifully) changed to Hope by her father, instead of her mother's original choice, "Princess Beyonce".
elizabeth hamlet  5/28/2012
My name is Hope and people always tell me is beautiful. I have two sisters named Faith and Charity and a brother named Hunter. With my surname Devine, I think it sounds very pretty, but beware! Everybody makes fun of my name and says stuff like, "I hope Hope will be here today". But over all I would recommend it.
Hope Devine  7/9/2012
My name is Hope. I have two sisters named Faith and Charity and my brother's name is Marlon. I used to hate my name growing up because I was teased allllllll the time. Now, I love my name. It never fails that when a person finds out my name I get the famous "Keep Hope Alive". My sisters named my nieces Cherish, Joy and Honor.
Hopa726  7/19/2012
Hope is a WORD. I love Faith, but Hope doesn't stick to me. Hope sounds more like a name for a seal. (Sorry Hopes out there, but that's just my point of view. Sorry.)
Melys11  12/19/2012
Okay name. Don't call her Hopey or Hopie.
1. It sounds like Nope-y
2. It sounds like Hokey.
SEC908  12/21/2012
I think this is a very nice name! Its simple and sweet.
Gio123  3/2/2013
I think this is a sweet name. People ALWAYS hate names if they are "word" names, even though almost every name on the planet was based off of one. If this is your name don't let the stupid comments get you down. :)
BehindTheNameFan  8/7/2013
Fiz's baby in Coronation Street is called Hope. She was born 3 months early in the tram crash. It was a perfect name for the things that were going on.
Annonymous  5/8/2014
Hope Estheim is a playable character in Final Fantasy XIII, who also appears in a major supporting role in Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.
― Anonymous User  5/10/2014
Hope was the daughter of Sophia the Martyr. Hope and her two sisters (Faith and Charity) were martyred saints.
― Anonymous User  11/22/2014
Hope is a beautiful name. Who cares if it's a word? It's meaning is wonderful. Hope is a very dear and special name to me. :')
― Anonymous User  11/22/2014
A very pretty virtue/word name that's a lot less common than you'd think. The only specific associations I think of for it are the little girl in Homeward Bound, and of course Bob Hope's surname. Well, and the Hope diamond.
IEnjoyTonsOGoodNames  5/20/2015
Hope Solo is an American soccer player who is often called the best female goalkeeper in the world. She has been arrested for domestic abuse charges.
Icycoldhot  6/9/2015
Hope van Dyne (Hope Pym in the comics), daughter of Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne, is a major character in the 2015 film 'Ant-Man'. She is portrayed by Evangeline Lilly who also played Tauriel in 'The Hobbit' films.
Feorsteorra  6/16/2015
The nickname Hopie/Hopey is unbearable. It sounds too much like Dopey and Hokey. Hope would be a nice name but the nickname Hopie/Hopey makes it completely unusable as a given name. And it's religious associations don't help. Grace is a nice name though. And maybe Faith.
― Anonymous User  8/26/2015
I'm a Hope. Middle name Alexis, which seems to be a fairly common combination. My nickname in my younger years was Hopey, which you'll hear my mom say every now and then. None of my siblings have a name like mine. I didn't like my name growing up, but I love it now. Everyone always tells me how beautiful it is. The only complaint is everyone thinks they're clever when I tell them my name. I'm pretty sure I've heard it all.
HopeAlexis  10/9/2015
When I first heard this name, I thought that maybe it would sound more like a name when I met someone named Hope. I was wrong. There is a Hope in my math class, and it's not growing on me. It's one of those names that needs the perfect person to have it. It almost feels like her parents are saying, "She's our Hope, she should be your Hope, and she's absolutely PERFECT." Now, I know that's not what they were thinking when they chose the name, but that's what I think of when I hear virtue names. Don't take offense if Hope is your name, this is just my opinion. As you can see, the overwhelming majority of people here love the name.
actingfun  10/14/2015
Hope Logan is a character in the soap opera the Bold and the Beautiful.

And Sassy's owner in the Disney movie Homeward Bound: the Incredible Journey, is named Hope Burnford.
― Anonymous User  10/24/2015
My name's Hope. I used to hate it when I was a kid but now I love it because it's so unique. Although it is getting more popular, you do get the odd comments "Why are you called that" as if your parents had a miracle or are very religious, but they called me it just because they liked the name. Also did get the comments at school like "I Hope you are hopeful" or if I was ever off I'd get "Aww, Hope's not in! Oh, we're Hopeless" but it never really bothers me as I like my name. Overall, I think my name is a great name and when I am older I want an Isla- Honour and a Harmony- Monroe sticking to the theme of virtue names :)
HopelyidaW7  3/20/2016
I love this name sooo much. However, like other users have said, I'm afraid it'll just sound too much like a word rather than a name. But this word is so important to me, so I can't help but love it. If I don't use it as a first name, definitely a middle name.
― Anonymous User  4/12/2016
Grace, Faith, and Hope are all lovely names and should NOT be judged or called "OVERUSED".
Love Life  4/14/2016
Hope Lupin nee Howell is Remus Lupin's mother from Harry Potter.
doritazurita  11/14/2016
Hope Shlottman, university student and accomplished long-jumper, is a major character in season one of the 2015 Netflix 'Jessica Jones' series. She is portrayed by American actress Erin Moriarty.
Feorsteorra  11/26/2016
My name is Hope Mose! I always ask my mom why did she name me Hope? Her reply to me was that the doctors told her she would never have any more children and she asks God to grant her more kids. When she found out that she was with child, she prayed it was a girl and if so she would name her Hope. Thanks, mom I love the story behind my name.
hopenthemorning  1/8/2017
Hope Dworaczyk is an American Playboy model, TV host and reality television personality. She first gained fame as Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Month for April 2009 after testing for the 55th Anniversary Playmate search, and later became the 2010 Playmate of the Year.
cutenose  1/13/2017
Hope is my middle name. I like the meaning of it (I try to be a hopeful person), but I'm not sure it works as a first name.
theparkite  10/14/2017
Hope is a very pretty name. I think it could be used for a male however it wouldn’t work in all regards, whether he’s tough, humorous or sweet, in which I can only see a sweet guy having this name (Pretty much any male character in a Shoujo manga). To be honest, I think the word Hope is pretty but I just don’t really see it as a name as it’s just a word, like apple or drawer. If you like this name, that’s cool, I wouldn’t mind seeing a girl or boy named Hope, just not my type of name personally.
DanielRivera  1/15/2018

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