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This name is very unique, but the first two letters bother me now. Sanna is also a nice nickname, and I feel like this could be a good alternative to Susanna.
XironDarkstar  4/19/2018
Well, from my user name you can tell that my name is Hosanna. I am very proud of my name and I have gotten a lot of complements on it. I have been called "Ho" or "Hosie" a lot, mostly by my family though because they were trying to shorten it. I've also had a lot of people spelling it with a J. Over all though I love my name. I do like the "Hosheanna" pronunciation, but I like the original spelling better.
MynameisHosanna  6/30/2016
Caprice, Lol!

In modern Hebrew, the phrase is Hoshiana, "please save us", and it is sometimes heard in contemporary Messianic music.

I like the sound of Hoshana better, though, as opposed to Hosanna.
gracesingh  1/12/2014
I like the pronunciation because I love the nickname Zannie, but (sorry) I hate how it looks. The S in this name seems unattractive to me and really stands out. It's just my opinion though, don't listen to me :P.
Skylar_Arianna  5/22/2013
In Sweden we translate it "Hosianna". There is a famous Swedish Christmas hymn called "Hosianna Davids son" ("Hosanna to the Son of David") and many Swedish children have misunderstood this and asked: "Who is Hosianna Davidsson?"
I've even read about a girl who said "Oh, when I entered church everyone sang for me! They sang 'Oh see, Anna Davidsson!'" :)
Caprice  1/28/2013
If my name was Hosanna, I would be quite annoyed. At school we have to sing hymns and one of them is called 'Hosanna'. Imagine singing that every day with the name of Hosanna?
― Anonymous User  7/10/2009
It wasn't actually exclaimed by Jesus, but by the crowd that greeted him in Matthew chapter 21 (the "Triumphal Entry").

The Hebrew word originated as a prayer but by the New Testament times it had become an exclamation of praise. [noted -ed]
Lady_Callaghan  1/26/2009
Interesting. I'm just not sure it's a good idea to put "Ho" in a girl's name.
― Anonymous User  9/20/2007
äåùòðà is the Hebrew Script of Hosanna, meaning 'G-d save us.' [noted -ed]
sarahlauren  9/20/2007
I was really suprised when I learned this was actually a name, because when we went to church when I was a little kid and we sang songs with the phrase "sing Hosanna" in them I always thought it was talking to someone named Hosanna and when I asked my parents who she was they just laughed. I really like this name! I would consider using it. It's so beautiful!
scarletquillraven  3/8/2007
I think that pronouncing Hosanna as the given pronouciation Ho-ZAN-ah is rather unattractive. I prefer Ho-SAHN-ah.
seaweed  2/24/2007

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