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Hotaru Akane, also known as Anna Akizuki (秋月 杏奈 Akizuki Anna?) and Hotaru (ほたる?) was a Japanese actress, HIV/AIDS activist, and AV idol. She was active in many media formats in Japan including mainstream theatrical film, and was a popular blogger. Her adeptness at female ejaculation in adult videos (AV) earned Akane the title, "Shiofuki Queen". She retired from AV work in 2008.
cutenose  2/18/2017
This name is so cute. I imagine some of the sweet girls in mangas and anime that I grew up with, like Sailor moon and Hamtaru so this name is so lovely to me. In fact, if I ever go to Japan and marry a Japanese man and have a baby girl, I will definitely name her Hotaru after Hamtaru, my favorite children's anime show. It will always will be cute and innocent to me.
555jazzy  10/6/2012
In the third season of the classic Japanese anime series Sailor Moon, a character named Hotaru Tomoe is introduced, and she is Sailor Saturn, one of the most powerful of the Sailor Scouts.
carolinamoon  9/18/2008
I took Japanese for two years in high school, and my teacher encouraged us all to take Japanese names to use in class. I used Hotaru, since I am a huge Sailor Moon fan and Hotaru (Sailor Saturn) is my favorite character. When I went on a two-week study tour of Japan in my senior year, I used the name at home with my Japanese host family. Even today, my best friend, who I met in the Japanese program at school, still calls me Hotaru in our emails. This is definitely one of my favorite Japanese names, and while it is rare it is indeed a real Japanese name.
carolinamoon  9/18/2008
Hotaru Imai is a character from Gakuen Alice in the manga and the anime.
bellaumbrella  4/19/2008
One of the Mortal Kombat characters is named Hotaru, except he's a guy.
aquaspirit96  8/31/2007
Hotaru is a beautiful Japanese name. How cute it would be to call your baby a name meaning firefly! Maybe someone who is named Hotaru will be as adventurous and as captivating as their name. In America, I fear that this name would not get very good reactions. But no matter what this is really a lovely name. =D
Cyneburga  1/26/2007
In more detail of how this name is pronounced would be to invasize on the R in this name. In America, we would pronounce this name like, Ho-tar-rue but that is incorrect. The R sound in Japanese is pronounced like the unrolled Spanish R. So the proper pronunciation of Hotaru would be HO-taH-du.
Cyneburga  1/26/2007
The Japanese 'r' is a sound between "R" and "L", so the 'r' wouldn't necessarily be a harsh, solid 'd' sound.

Here is an example of the Japanese 'r' put to use in the name Shiro;

And here's another one in the name Hiromi;

It sounds similar to the sound 'd' makes, but it's not.
― Anonymous User  7/20/2007
Don't confuse Sailor Moon (or any other anime/manga) with reality. Some of the names are used only for those stories, but some are real names.
abbasdaughter  5/20/2006
In the anime & manga, ".hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet", a shy girl with a pet Grunty is named Hotaru.
gorgen_kally  2/18/2006
In the show "Sailor Moon" one of the characters has that name (Sailor Saturn)!
― Anonymous User  12/31/2005
Never heard of a kid named Hotaru, but there are parents making up names these days, so you never know what they might call their kids. Japan hasn't standardized their names quite the same way France has.
abbasdaughter  12/26/2005
Hotaru is a Japanese name & a friend of mine has this name but she writes it in katakana. Odagiri Hotaru is a Japanese voice actress.

Just because you`ve never met a Hotaru before doesn`t mean that this isn`t a name.
nadiaxox  1/12/2008
The ponunciation is Ho-Ta-ru.
― Anonymous User  7/8/2005

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