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According to a note in "Beowulf" (translation by Seamus Heaney), Hrothgar is a combination of words meaning 'glory' and 'spear'. 'Gar' means 'spear' in Old English.
Elfstone  3/15/2005
Believe it or not but I have actually met a man called Hrothgar. Such a pleasant surprise! I reckoned the name has been completely out of use for centuries. I like it a lot.
Elfstone  9/20/2005
Christopher Paolini certainly did a bit of research here, as it's the name of the dwarf king in "Eragon" and most of "Eldest."
patchworkgirl  12/26/2006
This name is ridiculously awesome. And super fun to say.
Liesl  9/17/2010
I find this name magnificent and powerful. Fun fact: there is a location in the video game series "The Elder Scrolls" named High Hrothgar, a monastery which the fictional Greybeards make their home.
Melcher96  2/4/2016
I am a descendant of this family and would love more information on my family tree.
PJ Rofkar  3/30/2016

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