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Namesakes for Hugo
Danish Prime Ministers: 1 prime minister
      Hugo Egmont Hørring   1897-1900  
Fictional Characters from Television: 1 character
      Hugo Langdon   2011   American Horror Story  
Hurricanes and Tropical Storms: 1 hurricane
      Hurricane Hugo   1989  
Nobel Prize Winners: 1 medicine
      (medicine) Hugo Theorell   1955  
Notable Actors and Actresses: 1 actor
      Hugo Weaving   1960-  
Notable Athletes: 2 soccer, 1 basketball
      (soccer) Hugo Hovenkamp   1950-  
      (soccer) Hugo Lloris   1986-  
      (basketball) Serge Ibaka (a.k.a. Hugo)   1989-  
Notable Writers: 1 poet/author
      Hugo Claus   1929-2008  
Olympic Medalists: 2 silver
      (silver) Hugo Goetz   1904   swimming - 4x50 yard freestyle relay  
      (silver) Serge Ibaka (a.k.a. Hugo)   2012   basketball  
Saints: 3 saints
      Saint Hugh of Genoa (a.k.a. Hugo)   1168-1230  
      Saint Hugh of Noara (a.k.a. Hugo)   ?-1170  
      Saint Hugh dei Lippi Ugucioni (a.k.a. Hugo)   ?-1282  
Tolkien's Characters: 2 characters
      Hugo Boffin   (m)  
      Hugo Bracegirdle   (m)