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When I first saw this name (in a phonebook), I thought it was a typo and it was supposed to be Ian.
bibi66  1/27/2007
I absolutely prefer this spelling over Ian. We will be using this name in the middle name slot for our next son, to honor all the Johns on my husband's side. Great name.
NiamhWitch  11/17/2007
To me this is the proper way to spell 'Ian'. Without the extra 'i' it looks like there's something missing. Iain is the way to go. I personally love this name!
Caledonia-Forever  12/11/2008
Iain Banks, author of the Wasp Factory.
Aureliano  1/18/2010
Iain Armstrong, a member of the English band, 65daysofstatic.
Dawson  1/30/2011

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