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Not quite as awful as Izzie, but pretty horrible anyway. Very immature, in fact, flat out infantile. I'm not big on Bella or Belle either, in fact, I think the nicest nickname for an Isabella or Isabelle would be Isa.
slight night shiver  6/4/2008
This is probably the weirdest nickname of Isabel that I've seen.
Pippin  6/29/2008
My name is Isabel but I go by Ibbie since I remember. It's childish and immature but what can I say I LOVE it!
ibbierose  1/27/2009
Sounds like a little kid trying to say izzy. I don't think anyone would take someone named Isabel/Isabelle seriously if she decided to go by "Ibbie". Izzy is equally childish and informal, why not just go by Isabel/Isabelle? It's such a pretty name on its own, who needs a nickname?
― Anonymous User  2/18/2013
This name immediately made me think of the funny noises Shemp Howard the Three Stooges often made. It also looks like Ibi, a Hungarian nickname form of Ibolya (Violet). It seems kind of strange as a nickname for Isabella, like something a child with a lisp would make up.
Anyechka  6/12/2013

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